I Got ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Coverage, Via ESPN, On My TV, Thanks To The Roku.

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by Anura Guruge

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This truly was serendipitous and made me giddily HAPPY and even more delighted than I was yesterday that I had got a Roku 3.

I had basically given up on trying to get the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup coverage, from ESPN, on mu 47″ Philips TV. I can really ONLY enjoy cricket if I am watching it live or on a proper TV. While I can and will watch short cricket clips on my computer or Pad I can’t watch a match or a one hour highlight package on a PC. I need to be seated, on a couch, feet up and it has to be on a BIG HD screen — with a remote.

One of the reasons I tried the Google Chromecast was to see if I could use that to cast ESPN to the TV. Well the Chromecast was a disaster.

At that point I gave up.

As far as I could see there was no Roku support for ESPN’s special APP for the 2015 World Cup. So when I ordered the Roku 3, from Dishworld, with Willow Cricket, I had no expectations of seeing the World Cup through it. I did watch some short clips on ESPN via the Roku and that was it.

Then Sunday afternoon I was seated with Devanee going through the Roku Channel Store to pick our channels when I saw the ESPN 2015 World Cup logo. I didn’t believe it. Clicked it. Yes, it was the right thing. I still couldn’t believe it — especially that ESPN nor Roku had promoted that one had World Cup access via the Roku.

I was already signed up on ESPN. I just hadn’t paid for the package. PayPal jumped in and made me a nice 6-month offer (not that I needed it, but spread over 6 months it is not hard to take).

Involved about 3 different logons BUT it worked as it said it would.

Picture quality is BRILLIANT. Beyond stunning. Best HD I have seen. Watching cricket at that resolution is a joy. I watched the Pak v. WI 1-hour highlights replay. I am still not used to the cadence of the coverage. It is different to TEN Cricket. Having watched so much TEN over the last 4 years I have to get used to a different pace. Yes, you are seeing live action, that is edited for the highlights, but the pace of the transitions are different and I can feel it!

I am HAPPY. I did not complain or sulk when I did not have access to the World Cup but it made me sad. I love cricket and the World Cups are very special. I was at the Finals, at Lord’s for the 1979 and 1983 World Cups. I still remember those matches. I watched all of the 2011 World Cup on Dish. I got Dish for the cricket. It bothered me that I was not seeing the games specially since there had been some good cricket. I can now, thanks to the replays, watch all the games. 49 games. 49 hours, minimum.

So the good news is that with a Roku the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup can be yours.

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