Alton Central (ACS) School Board: Letter To Profile Bank Re. Lander/Leggett YET Looks Like A Ruse …

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by Anura Guruge

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William (‘Bill’) Lander

The Inglorious Tenure At Alton Central School (ACS):
The Redux — Partial Gallery.

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C. Using another lawyer.                             D. Getting facts wrong, again.
E. Can’t chew gum and run meeting.          F. Baseless allegations.
G. Board overturns decisions.

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This is but a PARTIAL gallery of shame. I will add to it as I have time.

As somebody who has been self-employed in N.H. since 1992, and has owned a N.H. LLC (of very good standing), WOWNH LLC, for a very long time, I am totally flummoxed as to why Lander needed a letter from the ACS School Board to get a loan from Profile Bank.

At the Feb. 17, 2015 School Board meeting, I think, it was implied that he, i.e., Billy, needed the letter so that he could form his LLC. Well, that does NOT make sense. It only costs peanuts, in NH, to register an LLC — I think less than $150. If Billy needed a loan from Profile Bank to cover $150 I dread to think of him in charge of a budget greater than $0.00.

Does NOT make sense …


It was a clever, devious RUSE by Billy to get the hapless, clueless Board to PRE-COMMIT to the contract!

Get that?

That is exactly what the Board did as far as I can see from THE Letter.

They, BY writing that letter, pre-committed to the contract — which they claim they have yet to sign.

But that no longer matters. Billy has the Profile letter. That says Board committed.

So I am of the opinion that the letter was a RUSE.

Why would Billy need a loan? He will get $125,000 from ACS — at some unspecified date.

He wants MORE.


I am going to go after Profile Bank.

I will be contacting their CEO this week and I will also start reporting them to every Securities monitoring agency that I can locate.

IF Profile Bank, which I do not consider to be a top-tier, Industrial-Strength bank, gave a loan to Billy based on this UNDATED letter — they have problems. Down the road we, as taxpayers, will be holding the can for yet another bad loan.

So IF Profile Bank made a loan based on this letter I am going after them. I am fed up of subsidizing and taking a financial hit for bad loans made by banks.

Get that?

Be careful. Be very careful. We, as residents and taxpayers, are getting shafted.

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