MetroCast 75Mpbs/5Mbps Internet Speed Issue — I Had Mine Fixed. Here Is What You Do …

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by Anura Guruge

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Report Metrocast to BBB.
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Cancel 2 TDS fiber links to house.
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>> MetroCast maintains 75Mbps
>> 75Mbps Internet From Metrocast
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Click to ENLARGE and study.

All three taken around 11:50 on Saturday, February 28, 2015.


Well I am, yet again getting, after 3 painful days when I was only getting around 4.1Mbps, the 75/5 Mbps (or better) for which I am paying.

It required a MetroCast Service Technician to come to the house to fix it. Had nothing to do with my wiring, my router or my computers.

ALL MetroCast and it took about 1/2 hour to fix.

I have already got a $10 credit on my bill for the 3 days when I was not getting 75/5 Mbps.
[At $72 a month it comes to $2.40 a day. So $10 for 3 days was fair enough though the wife thought I should have got more.]

Around 5:40 pm on the Saturday, 2 hours after the Technician had left, I get an unsolicited phone call from a MetroCast Supervisor who wanted to ‘smooth things over’ with me. We spoke. He got my message.


I am NOT, for now, going to tell YOU the whole story BECAUSE I want to see if MetroCast will be HONEST and UPFRONT with you. If I tell you everything you will let them off the hook.

I can tell you that they did indeed do a midnight to 2 am System Update on Wednesday. It did not go well. That is why they had to do another (and possibly another). They MIGHT not still be all done!

They ran into problems they never expected. They have a LOT of tidying up to do. Some equipment will have to swapped out.

Am I glad that I bought my OWN latest-and-greatest Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 (from Amazon) without getting one from MetroCast.

First and foremost do a Bandwidth Speed Test NOW using and [See images above]

Don’t wait do that Speed Test NOW. Now.

Is your speed down? If so file a BBB complaint. Then call MetroCast. That order is very important and think of it as an order. First file BBB complaint. Then contact MetroCast.

If you do NOT have TV from MetroCast the Internet problem will be GREATER! Yes. So if you have done better than I it is because I do not get TV from MetroCast. My cable is just for Internet.

If your speed is down ask MC for a credit — like I did.

In a few days I will give you the whole scoop. For now do what I have told you above.

All the best. Happy Chinese New Year.


6 thoughts on “MetroCast 75Mpbs/5Mbps Internet Speed Issue — I Had Mine Fixed. Here Is What You Do …

  1. scott ryan (@Scott_Ryan1)

    What ended up being the issue? Having same problem here, filed BBB complaint beginning of March and they contacted next day, said maintenance, 2 days later things were better but now worse again. Metrocast sent a tech out today who found no issue but download speed was 6mb paying for ultra 75mb. Thanks

    1. aguruge Post author

      MetroCast should have done 2 things: checked that you have the RIGHT filter and make sure you have the right SurfBoard modem. IF you do not have HD TV from MC you probably don’t have the right filter. They need to put in a new one. You also need a new SurfBoard modem. Where are you located. Strange that it got better, then worse. Have you tried speedtest. Let me know about filter and SurfBoard and we can go from there.

  2. scott ryan (@Scott_Ryan1)

    Thanks for your reply, I do have basic (network tv) through them. The tech that was out last night said he changed the filter. I have a Motorola SB6141 (I own it), that I just purchased. Spoke to a supervisor today, they are looking at my node and also planning to send a technician to monitor the line during primetime (when it is happening). Current speed test shows download at 2.7mb. When I ran the same test last night at 1am, I was back up to 75mb, so thinking this is a deeper issue. I’m located in Northfield. Thanks

    1. aguruge Post author

      Sorry to hear of your continuing woes. Strange that it fluctuates so much. 3 things. Check the coax connection. Unscrew it and screw it back on again. Glad you have a 6141. That is what I have too. MC would have done this, remotely, while talking to you, but you should do it too. Type into your browser address bar and access the 6141. You should see 8 downstream channels. IF you don’t that is a problem. These are the readings I get. You should have similar.
      So that is the next step. Make sure you are bonding on all 8 channels.
      Next the strangest one and it is possible and would explain why you get 75Mb at 1am. Somebody else, on your cable, is grabbing all the bandwidth. Can happen. Was my biggest concern getting MC service. It is a SHARED bandwidth system. So monitor that. Any idea who else is on your drop, on your street. But if you have a person draining your bandwidth, except the problem is that it is not ‘your’ bandwidth. It is shared. Keep me posted as to how you get on. ALL THE BEST. I feel for you. Anura

  3. scott ryan (@Scott_Ryan1)


    Wanted to update you, issue was escalated up the chain and went to a tech who “pushed more bandwidth to my area” their words not mine. This was done early Wed AM. Happy to report speed has been consistent all evening @ 75mb, I ran hourly speed tests. Hope this continues. Will have a follow up call with the supervisor on Monday to find out what was done exactly. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Glad to hear that you now finally have the bandwidth you are entitled to. “Pushed more bandwidth to my area” sounds fishy. It is called ‘provisioning’ and yes they can do it with a click of mouse. A TDS Tech used to do that for us. We always got a tad more bandwidth than the 15Mbps/3mbps we were supposed to get. But in your case this doesn’t ring all the way true, though I am happy for you — for now. Stay on top of it. HOPE they give you a huge rebate. Last month I only paid $11 (or thereabouts)! All the rest was rebates for the days that I did not have 75. ALL the very best to you. Fingers crossed. It would be good for all of us if we could get a good idea as to what really happened. Happy Easter. Anura


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