ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: This, With Some Amazing Batting, Has Been Quite THE World Cup.

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by Anura Guruge

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a/ Gayle’s 215 against ZIM.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on ESPN.

Beyond pleased with Roku 3.

Getting Roku 3 with DishWorld.
e/ Not impressed with Google Chromecast.
f/ TP-LINK Powerline Range Extender.espnwcc201511a

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Click to ENLARGE. My current picks for the Quarter Finals. I am not convinced that Sri Lanka is a given though they have played, as ever, very professionally.

I have been following cricket for 55 years (or so) and I have never seen anything like this 2015 World Cup. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Some of the batting has been beyond exhilarating. Chris Gayle’s 215 is hard to forget but AB de Villiers 162 in 66 balls three days later was nearly as breathtaking. There has been some amazing batting. It is a World Cup on steroids — though I do not think there is much, if any, illegal substances involved. Yes, no doubt, the latest bats are quite incredible. So yes, at least 40% of the power hitting has to be credited to the bats. But, as the commentators like to point out, often, you still have to put bat to ball and get some placement. Today’s top batsman, in terms of technique, improvisational skills, fitness and mental attitude, are definitely a tad above yesterday’s greats — though I really try not to make those comparisons often. The game was VERY different. The helmets, whether one likes it or not, has made one hell of a difference as have the ‘new’ bouncer and no-ball rules. The greats of my youth did not get ‘free hits’ after a no ball. That makes a difference. Take IVA Richards. Wouldn’t his numbers be different IF he had got ‘free hits’. I am no longer sure how we can really compare players anymore given the ‘new’ beneficaries that the batsmen receive. Even the legside wides.

But, none of this detracts from this quite magnificent World Cup. It appears to be very well organized. Some nice touches. The cricketing world should feel proud, very proud. This is quite the event. Folks here in the U. S. of A. would not even be able to comprehend an event of this caliber. I even have to admit that ESPN’s $99 coverage is quite good. Not bad at all. I am sure glad that I was able to get it on my TV — thanks to the Roku. I would have been bummed IF I had missed TV coverage of this World Cup. I have watched 11 games, albeit in Highlight form only, so far. Each Highlight package is between 60 to 90 minutes. On Sunday, after we got back from Boston (and Chinese New Year), I took the ‘day off’, and watched 2.5 matches. That was a treat. 

Today for the first time, ever, I got to see a ‘Guruge’, viz. Asanka Manjula Guruge, play in an International. Had never heard of him prior to the World Cup. None of my relatives know him. It is possible that he is indeed related (to my adopted family). He is from Ambalangoda, one of my favorite places in the whole world. One of the best seaside resorts in the World. I used to spend hours in the sea, by the Ambalangoda Rest House, when I was growing up. We used to go there often. My adopted family is from Baddegama — about 10 miles inland from there. So a ‘Guruge’ here a ‘Guruge’ there. It is possible. I was surprised to see how dark he was! OK, this is a Sri Lankan thing. Though we are all brown we come in quite a few shades and we do TAN. When we tan we get darker. Playing cricket is a good way to get tanned. In the days I used to play I was 4 to 5 shades darker than I am now. So that could be the case with him. I just didn’t expect him to be that dark. I checked out his numbers. Hhhmmm. He does have a knack of NOT getting out. That is good. It is nice NOT to have a batting average! In the early days of each season many of us could go for a few weeks without one. That was always a kick.


Click to ENLARGE. From ESPN cricinfo.com.

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