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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: India vs. West Indies, Mar. 6 — The Windies Played Like A Bunch Of Rotten Pillocks!

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by Anura Guruge

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 I had been looking forward to watching the highlights of this Ind v. W.I. match, from the WACA in Perth for days. I didn’t check the scores online. I wanted to watch it ‘live’ without knowing the result. So on Friday night, March 6, at 10pm, I got comfortable and clicked on the Highlights package on ESPN.

Deep down the West Indies is still MY team — though my ‘greats’ Gordon, Viv, Andy, Michael etc. are long gone. In my study, above my head hangs my W.I. rosette from Lord’s.

It grieves me to see them play like this.

Despite his 215 I have had it with Gayle. He is #1 Pillock. He was OUT AGAIN, as he was in his innings of 215, before he scored. Yes, again he got a reprieve. He got a faint feather, and you could clearly see it on ‘Snicko’ but Mahendra Singh Dhoni did NOT ask for a DSR review. He was LBW in the 215 inning. Yes, Gayle is always vulnerable during the first five overs. But it is now getting silly. I think he is over the top. Yes, I HAVE loved watching Gayle but enough is enough. The run out was inexcusable. And Sammy. I really, really like Sammy. Nicest guy ever. But he bats worse than I do! And that is why it hurts even more. I knew my weakness. I had to swing at everything. But I wasn’t a professional. This was pathetic. Holder did good. He should bat higher up.

Yes, they still have a small chance of qualifying. The Indians, as ever of late, looked clinical and professional. I knew they could get the runs despite the wickets.

And the dropped catches by both sides.

I really do NOT get this West Indies side. I also do not get why they don’t have the likes of Lara, Via, Gordon at hand to talk some sense into these pillocks. Gayle may hit the ball harder than Viv, but he never inspires the confidence that Viv did. That is the difference.

Shame. It was still an exciting match. I guess none of the Indians will complain that they were short-changed in terms of the duration. India could yet again WIN this World Cup.

Don’t Confuse Dynamics Of ALL ETFs With Those Of The Major Index Tracking Ones Such As SPY, QQQ & DIA.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. Vitals for EPI — from Fidelity. You can see the price vs. NAV — and right at the bottom the divergence.

ETFs, and I think there is well over 4,000 right now, have been the investment flavor of the last Decade — and I, like so many others, have dabbled in them. With the major U.S. stock indices hitting all time highs ‘talking heads’ and the financial media, has of late, gone gaga about recommending ETFs as the only investment vehicle you need to get rich. I disagree.

ETFs have a fundamental flaw that MOST do not know about!

With ETFs you essentially have double jeopardy. A price of an ETF very rarely is the actual value of the investments held by that ETF. The price of an ETF reflects its popularity in the market — and not that of its underlying assets. This is the so called Premium/Discount of an ETF.

Lets say you own at ETF, e.g., EPI, that is supposed to track the Indian stock market. On a day that the Indian stock market does remarkably well you could sit in the U.S., with your mouth agape, watching the price of EPI going down. No, it has nothing to do with the time difference. It has all to do with the fact that the price of EPI, or any other ETF, is determined by its DEMAND on the local (in this case U.S.) stock market. So if U.S. investors are selling everything insight it doesn’t matter that the Indian stock market is doing extremely well. The price of EPI will fall. Yes, the increase in the Net Asset Value (NAV) will eventually increase its price BUT it could continue to sell at a DISCOUNT to its NAV, i.e., the price that you can buy/sell it is LOWER than the NAV.

So with SO MANY ETFs around trading volumes on anything other than the MAJOR, MAJOR ETFs is getting thin. That means the price will fluctuate widely because of the thin volume. So the ETF, in terms of its price, is not really tracking the index you are hoping that it tracks. (That is another issue altogether and that is called ‘divergence’).

But herein lies the HUE difference between ETFs and Mutual Funds. With a Mutual Fund the NAV is the NAV is the NAV. There is no secondary price. Yes, Mutual Funds cannot be sold in real time and yes, they have higher expenses. But, my experience has been that unless you are talking about very high volume ETFs like QQQ, SPY & DIA you are better off with a GOOD, no-fee mutual. 

Alton Central (ACS) School Board: NH RSA 91-A:3 Governing ‘Nonpublic Sessions’ — Did The ACS Board Contravene It?

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by Anura Guruge

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This is the New Hampshire law that governs Nonpublic Sessions
as it pertains to the Alton Central School (ACS) School Board.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access at the NH State Website.

To access original at the New Hampshire State Website click here.

Pretty interesting stuff. Read “Section II” carefully. Note that much it relates to ‘person’ NOT corporations. Yes, in certain situations a closely held LLC can be construed as a ‘person’ BUT I have a feeling that that will not hold water when the context is one of hiring for employment and contracts.

Note that at the February 17, 2015 School Board Meeting, one of the Board Members, from the TABLE said, quite clearly: “… attorney has questioned legality …”. Check this post.

At the March 2, 2015, Mr. Clay repeatedly questions the board, and in particular the hapless but sans-shame, Sandy ‘giddy’ Wyatt, as to why they did NOT get an independent investigator to determine if they contravened any statutes. In the end he claims that he will make sure this happens.

Well as I talked about here I approached the Alton Prosecutor Anthony Estee, on February 20, 2015, and asked him to see if any criminal laws were violated. He forwarded my request to the Alton Police Dept. Today I ….

More to come. Stay tuned.