Why Didn’t Google Do A Doodle For The “Selma March” 50th Anniversary?

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by Anura Guruge

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I have to confess I was expecting a Google Doodle this weekend past for the 50th anniversary of the famous and pivotal “Selma March”. I was kind of surprised and saddened when there was not one. Yes, we had “International Women’s Day 2015” on Sunday, March 8 BUT the March was on March 7 so Google had the ‘space’ to do it on Saturday.

Yes, it is true that Google tries to stay clear of politics, controversies, conflicts and current events — as well as anything that could be construed as a ‘downer’. Yes, it is called “Bloody Sunday”, but 50 years hence the ‘bloody’ part is celebrated, as it should, as opposed to mourned. So I am a bit confused, especially since in 2010 Google did a Doodle for Rosa Park’s 55th anniversary!
Strange. I think Google screwed up. They really should be more diligent and socially responsible when it comes to U.S. history. It would have been a GREAT WAY to educate all, around the World, as to the importance of Selma. C’est la vie.

A reader pointed out that the the January 19, 2015 Google Doodle for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. did have the Selma Bridge in the background and that the theme of that whole Doodle was that of Dr. King leading the Civil Rights activists across Alabama’s Edmund Pettus bridge. Here is that Doodle, which of course, I wrote about. Not sure that this is an adequate mitigation for not having a Doodle on the 50th anniversary BUT it was better than NOTHING.

The Rosa Parks 55th Anniversary Google Doodle.

Click to access the Doodle at the Doodle Archive.

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