Jeffrey Clay In 2nd Letter Blasts The ACS School Board For Its Lack Of Integrity — Will The Board Have The GUTS To Rebut?

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by Anura Guruge

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>> Jeffrey Clay’s previous scathing letter about ACS.
>> Jeffrey Clay endorses write in candidate.


Click here to access the complete letter on page A5
of the Thursday, March 12, 2015 “The Baysider”.

Click image above (or here) to access Jeffrey Clay’s prior letter.

I agree wholeheartedly and with conviction with everything that is stated in this letter. I think, and I have said it here before, that this School Board has acted disgracefully, sans integrity and totally without shame. An independent investigation is a MUST. Mr. Clay at the March 2, 2015, School Board meeting, during his Public Input, said that he would try to get one initiated. I wish him luck. I asked the Alton Police to look into any of the alleged criminal activity that was brought up by Mr. Clay in the February 17, 2015 Board Meeting but they have not got back to me.

I see that Mr. Clay has the AMAZING Mark Sisti, Attorney Extraordinaire, representing him. It has occurred to me that Mark Sisti would be the IDEAL person to do an investigation into the ACS School Board. Mr. Clay should ask Mark whether he would consider taking that on — ideally pro bono. IF NOT I am willing to look into raising the money to pay for it. Though I gather he has one of my ex-Koi Carps in his fish pond I don’t know Mr. Clay. If I knew him I would tell him that I would support his cause and will try to raise the money.

Counting the Lynda Whitehouse letter in August 2014 about adult bullying at ACS, this Jeffrey Clay will be the 3rd that so far has gone unrebutted by the ACS administration and Board. Will they have the guts to rebut this letter from Jeffrey Clay without resorting to an ad hominem attack on him — which one of the Board members actually did in an e-mail.

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