Eversore Energy (PSNH): Brief Electric Outage In Alton, N.H. Saturday March 14, 2015 (Pi Day).

eversore1a.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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 Yes, it had been raining for about 7 hours, but the rain was not heavy, it was not freezing and there was hardly any wind. So I was not expecting a power outage. Around 8:20 pm (just as I was getting ready to put this PC to sleep) and go down for dinner, the lights went off — but came back at once. The PC is on (good) UPS and just kept on going. Then it did it again. I knew things are getting dicey. Then it went out for the 3rd time, around 8:24 pm and stayed down. I just powered off, turned off the UPS and went down.

Devanee already had two flashlights and I had another, rechargable with built in night-light, in my office. I did NOT even think about rolling out the two generators in the rain. Worst case, I was going to have some dinner (which was simmering on the gas cooker), read by flashlight and get an early night. But the lights came back within 10 minutes. So that was good.

We had a blip Thursday morning too — enough to disrupt all the clocks and get the DirecTV Genie DVR to reboot. But that wasn’t bad.

As far as I can tell this was the first real electric outage, in this neck of Alton, NH, since the 26 hour outage over Thanksgiving 2014. So we were due.

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