It Would Have Been Beyond Ironic If “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” Had Indeed Been Robin Williams’ Last Movie.

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by Anura Guruge

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We watched this 2014 movie, across Friday and Saturday night, via our Amazon Prime Movie subscription using the (ever impressive) Roku 3.

It is funny. It is good — albeit with a few scenes that stretch one’s credulity. Someone not familiar with New York watching this movie would get the impression that NYC had no police presence and that all New Yorkers were glued to their cell phones. There are two people nearly drowning in the East River and NOT a single person notices it and comes to their aid? Really? Robin Williams can walk across a beam, over car traffic, on the Brooklyn Bridge and stand on the other side, talking for 5 minutes, and there are NO cameras on the bridge that spots him? Really. Then an amusing slip up in continuity. He supposedly buys a fully charged Samsung video camera but when they show the camera being used it is a Panasonic! But these aside it was a good ol’ mindless romp.

Deanna was convinced that this had to have been Robin Williams’ last movie. I was slightly more skeptical for one and just one good reason. I was sure that if it had been OTHERS rather than the two of us would have commented on the sad irony. Lets face it, Robin Williams tries to commit suicide in the movie! So if this was his last it would have been bad.

Well it wasn’t. I am glad about that. Plus, if it was indeed his last I expected to have seen something at the very end saying something like “In memory of Robin Williams”. I watched the entire credits … and didn’t see anything.

If you haven’t seen it … watch it. It is fun. 

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