Umar Akmal’s 4 Catches In The 2015 ICC World Cup Ireland v. Pakistan — What Was He Wearing On His Fingers?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Screenshot from video — Akmal catching Thompson. I circled, in red, the 4 finger coverings he has on. Use link below, on scorecard, to access and the videos.


The Irish scorecard from Ireland v. Pakistan, March 15, 2015 from shoing Umar Akmal’s 4 catches. Click to access and the videos.

I watched the highlights of this ‘winner qualifies’ Ireland v. Pakistan match 1.5 times on ESPN (via my Roku 3) on my 47″ Philips HD TV — in vivid, high resolution. I noticed the black (condom-like) sheaths on Umar Akmal’s fingers the very first catch that he took. Thought it looked strange and incongruous. I watched for it carefully on the replay. Then I rewound the video and watched it again — and that was on the first catch. I got to see them three more times — with each of the other catches. I then watched the O’Brien and Thompson catches on my TV from

Whatever he has on his fingers bother me. Just doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t look like cricket.

Yes, I know that cricketers can wear band-aids to cover cuts and even strapping to protect a damaged finger. Yes, I know that Umar as a keeper has had some finger problems. But this does not look right. Do the umpires check these ‘appendages’ on non-bowling fielders? They should.

Don’t get me wrong. I like this Pakistani team — actually I have liked quite a few Pakistani teams and players, Imran Khan, a personal inspiration and favorite. I actually also like both Akmal brothers, particularly Umal. They are rare talents. But I also know that the Akmals are ultra-competitive and ruthless, and that is good. Just wondering, though, whether Umar Akmal went a bit too far! In my mind, just based on what I can see on the video, the 4 sheaths that Umar has on his hands HAVE to give him some added grip. Sorry. But that is how it comes across. You are not supposed to have any protection on your hands. If you catch the ball with your cap, not only is it not out the batsman gets bonus runs. Well it looks like Umar is wearing the equivalent of 1/2 pair of inner gloves. The black sheaths look too thick and abrasive. Not saying he would have dropped any of the catches if he didn’t have his condoms on, IT just looks bad.

I think the umpires should check the fingers of all the fielders — especially after they make a catch.

We do not want any question marks about a match. That is it. Simple as that. 

P.S., Glad that they FINALLY got it right that Misbah-ul-Haq was Hit Wicket, and not bowled. I watched it 3 times to make sure. The ball never went anywhere close to the stumps. That the TV commentators were prattling on that he played on and it showed him as bowled totally confounded me. Second hit wicket, by a Pakistani, in the last year. I think those are the only ones I have seen recently. The last one prior to that was from 35 years ago. Fredricks! Now was that his cap that fell on the bails?

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