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IBM: Should Floppy Disks & ‘Modern’ ATM Really Be Its Abiding Legacy.

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by Anura Guruge

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During this week there has been quite an interest in my “IBM Layoff” posts. So this morning, while having coffee in bed, I did a Google, on my Android Pad, on “IBM layoffs UK”, since I was particularly interested in seeing whether there had been any cuts at my old IBM location, Hursley Laboratories (in the U.K.). I saw an entry for a U.K. Daily Mail (my favorite newspaper) article on “The Biggest Corporate Lay-off In History“. (See Below). Clicked on it. Then saw this ‘sidebar’ that said, “IBM: The Company Behind The Floppy Disk and First Modern ATM”.

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Those would NOT have been my choices IF I had been asked as to what IBM should be famous for — and I am a bit of an IBM buff.

Yes, I like many others would have immediately blurted out “S/360” — which celebrated its 50th anniversary, duly commemorated here (multiple times). But that probably wasn’t the right way to present that. What the S/360 was the first commercially significant and successful general purpose computer for corporations. And that is a mouthful. Remember we had the BUNCH — Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC and Honeywell.

Oh! IBM is not even CLOSE in terms of the modern ATM! Check this history …

Floppy disks are correct and that was the year that I joined IBM. Plus floppy disks were what inspired me to develop this, the basis for today’s serial number based software activation schemes. 

I am going to have to think about this, i.e., IBM’s abiding legacy in terms of just two inventions.

I have some ideas: synchronous communications (and we won’t have the Internet without that), FORTRAN etc.

But I think the key one has to be: Virtual Storage (VS).

You would not be using any kind of computer today IF not for VS, and I think that makes it more pivotal than floppy disks or ATMs.

Bright Light (‘Star’) Over New England In March 2015: Jupiter … But Venus, Mars & Uranus Too.

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by Anura Guruge

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From “Neave Planetarium” … click here to access.

The light that is most conspicuous (as ever, given its size) is Jupiter. It, by the time it gets dark these days, is quite high in the sky too — well above our tree line. That is the light that most of you must be seeing, especially when you are getting home in the evening.

Jupiter, like most things in the night sky, will move from East to West during the course of the night. That having to do with Earth’s rotation.

The Venus, Mars & Uranus ‘cluster’ — and note how they are in a ‘straight line’ so to speak, this being the ECLIPTIC — is to the West and Uranus is not going to be that easy to spot. But, as I keep on saying Mars is ALWAYS orange. If you see a ‘bright’ orange blob — it is either Mars (or Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion). This cluster, already in the West at night fall, quickly falls below the Western horizon as the night progresses. 

South Africa v. Sri Lanka (March 17,2015) Quarter Final — They Have To Look Into Match Fixing!

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by Anura Guruge

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Nothing else makes sense!

Click to ENLARGE and read. From cricinfo.com. Click on image below to access cricinfo.com.

From cricinfo.com. Click to access.

§ This 2015 Quarter Final did NOT look right; betting on cricket a billion dollar business in Asia and the Middle East. We have had plenty of it in the past. So, this has to be thoroughly investigated. The ICC and Sri Lanka Cricket Board owes that to us the cricket fans around the globe. There is no other credible explanation. This can’t be explained as an off-day, nerves or chocking. Sri Lanka batted worse than any of the ‘Associate’ teams — and this is one of the most experienced teams in the Cup.

§ I have been watching cricket for 55 years and have never seen a debacle like this.

§ Kumar Sangakkara should, forthwith, be banned from playing cricket for Sri Lanka for this disgraceful performance; ditto for Mahela Jayawardene just in case he changes his mind.

§ Sangakkara’s pathetic performance defied logic and physics. He played like he was a rank ameuteur. He should be beyond ashamed. This will always be a huge question mark against his record.

§ I think the whole team played to lose — as did the selectors. Having Perera open? I knew that that wouldn’t work. It didn’t. He lasted 10 balls. Well that was still better than Dilshan. But I have always thought he was way overrated. 

§ Pretty amazing to see Kulasekara walk on a snick … That alone spoke volumes.

§ I watched the first 2:40 minutes of the match live — until Mathews’ ‘let me just get out’ wicket. By then I was convincd.

§ Kind of amazed that nobody else is mentioning the obvious.

P.S., Did I or did I not call Quinton de Kock correctly — BEFORE the match? 22 years old. I saw a lot of him last year. I, like the South Africans, had faith in him.

P.P.S., Just like with the elections, the dirty white strings that the Buddhist players wore on their wrists to give them success — though they would not be able to tell you how or through whom — again proved to be what it is, ignorant asian superstition. I won’t even talk about all of the worshipping of the cricket ball by Malinga and all that kissing of the ball that takes place. Didn’t work did it? So cut it out. This is the 21st century. Not 1740s.