GoDaddy IPO ‘On Deck’, Expected Pricing March 31, 2015, Price Range $17 – $19.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. From — but I can’t give you a link into Fidelity. Sorry.

I will NOT be participating — which means that it will probably quadruple day 1!

I am no longer a great fan of GoDaddy. I tolerate them, and that is about it.

I am also done with IPO — especially since there is the FLIPPING restriction. So, I would rather buy after the IPO if the price hasn’t gone crazy. Nothing worse that getting it at IPO price and then not being able to sell it without getting smacked on the wrist.

This will be interesting. Just had notification a few minutes ago. Will probably hear CNBC talk about it tomorrow morning. Interesting what they will have to say.

I will keep you posted. Oh. I might even read the prospectus for fun. I will share anything that I find truly amusing.

P.S., Buy watching ICC 2015 World Cup Cricket Quarter Finals.

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