“Yellow Brick Road”, Elton John Tribute, (Great Waters), Friday, March 20, 2015 — Brilliant, Absolutely Blinking Brilliant!

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by Anura Guruge

Click for tickets.

Click for tickets.

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 ‘Great Waters Music Festival’ 2015
First Concert — and WHAT A CONCERT.

This was the way to Welcome Spring.

Gerald Brann & ‘Yellow Brick Band’ were brilliant.

Their reviews were outstanding, they were even better.

Elton, my contemporary compatriot, would have been proud.

Nicest bunch of blokes ever. Salt of the Earth (from Maine).
It was a blast.
2 1/2 hours of high-energy, high-class entertainment.

It was an honor to be there to revel in the spirit.

Mr. Gerald Brann take ANOTHER bow.
You were exceptional.

Doug Stackhouse (a fellow Brit), Mike Tobias (guitar maestro),
Dr. Mark Kavanaugh (Professor of Psychology) &
Kevin Ostrowski (drummer extraordinaire)
were phenomenal. Remarkable group —
talented, personable, lots of FUN.

 Click to ENLARGE.

Copyright may be enforced on a whim.

Great concert and a great way to kick of the ‘Great Waters’ 2015 season.

Near packed house. Over 270 punters and then with the volunteers (and others) close to 300.

The audience, as they should, loved it. Totally, 100% audience oriented. Great interaction, great participation, wonderful spirit.

These folks are good. Very, very good.

Though we were in London (even Watford) at the same time I have never seen Elton perform. But, of course, I know his songs. And Gerald Brann sure does the Elton songs faithfully. And he looks the part. It was a blast.

To access their
“Yellow Brick Road”
Website, click here.

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