Class Action Lawsuit Against Alibaba (BABA) — by Pomerantz Law.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access ‘MarketWatch’ story.



Click to EXPAND and read. Click ‘smiling face’ image above to access Law Firm and details of action.

This was inevitable, BUT I am glad and relieved. BABA does appear to have been a fraud!

Yes, I got suckered in and as such I joined the Class Action today, with glee. I didn’t, of course, get it at the IPO price. I bought a couple of shares, post IPO. I also happened to own a share or two of YHOO. Plus I wrote options against both the YHOO and BABA shares. BABA is good to write options against. So, I am not too distressed, PLUS I am used to losing money on stock. IF I ever made any money on the stock market I would be rich — and I am not.

Check out the Lawsuit. Use the links above. Easy enough to join. Took about 20 seconds. Love the firm. All they seem to do is Class Action Suits. Way to go. THE American way.

All the best.

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