GoDaddy Not Giving Its Customer Base Any Preference In IPO.

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by Anura Guruge

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I know Facebook did NOT do it either, but GoDaddy is no Facebook.

It would have been a nice gesture IF GoDaddy allowed its existing customers some type of preferential access to its IPO shares. It would have been a great publicity stunt BUT also a way to reward those that actually keep GoDaddy afloat.

I am sure there were ways it could have been done.

BUT no. This is the NEW, ‘we don’t care a jot about the customer base’ GoDaddy. Shame. They used to be so customer focused. Not so now. And this will come back to bite them at some point. I, for one, have cut back my dealings with Godaddy to a minimum. I used to do all my hosting with them. Not anymore. I use Weebly and Yola. I have been deleting services and domains I had with them left, right and center.

I am not even going to try to get GoDaddy IPO shares. I am not going to buy any GoDaddy shares, full stop. I don’t care if the stop goes up 20 fold. This is NOT a good company in my reckoning. They used to be. They were outstanding. But over the last 3 years they have done everything they can to be customer-hostile and I can’t figure out why they feel that way. We are the ones that give them money. Without us there will be no GoDaddy but they treat us as if we are a nuisance. Yes, that old IT ‘adage’, the system would be perfect if there weren’t any users.

Well ….

I would advocate caution in when it comes to this IPO. GoDaddy is not on the right track. But, I could be, as ever, wrong.

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