I Pick South Africa Over New Zealand In ICC 2015 World Cup.

.195959.3Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Yes, it is going to be close (I think) and keenly fought. Neither side, inexplicably, have made it to a World Cup Final. So it is a big deal.

Yes, on paper New Zealand looks formidable — plus they are on HOME turf.

But, I think the South African’s after the one sided (probably fixed — in that Sri Lanka threw it away) Quarter Final match is coming to a boil. IF Amla and  Quinton de Kock click, and they are due, they will be unstoppable. I think NZ expended all of their Karma against the pathetic West Indies. Doubt they will look as good against the South Africans. But, I could be wrong. Looking forward to this.

Interesting how the cookie crumbled. Yes, of course, there is still a chance for HUGE, both ‘home teams’, Australia vs. New Zealand final on Sunday. I won’t rule out India. They run deep. But, lets get this Semi Final out of the way. I think it will be a cracker.

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