Best Buy Online Ordering FAILED When Paying With PayPal! WOW.

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by Anura Guruge

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I haven’t bought anything from Best Buy in years — and by that I mean probably 3 to 4 years. That is a shame because I like Best Buy. When we moved to this house, exactly 8 years ago, I bought a whole bunch of new electronics ALL from Best Buy. In 2008 I even worked as a Brand Ambassador for Epson at the Concord Best Buy and had a ball. Met some really nice people and I am still in touch with a couple of them.

Yes, it is true that I do 98% of all my online shopping with Amazon. Occasionally I buy something from TigerDirect, Newegg or eBay — but by and large I just prefer to deal with Amazon since they are so good about returns.

I needed a cheap monitor for a new system we are getting. The monitor is just needed for setup and maintenance so it doesn’t have to be pukkah. So I thought I would give Best Buy a whirl because I know that they used specialize in ‘cheap’ monitors. I found one. It was an HP and I have had great luck with HP monitors. So I TRIED to buy it. I had my credit card in hand but at the last second I noticed that PayPal was an option. I was NOT going to bypass that. Next to Amazon I am very fond of PayPal (and have used them, very successfully, for over a decade). [Plus I own a couple of shares of eBay.] If PayPal is EVER a payment option I take it. So I did.

So Best Buy, as they should, took me to PayPal to complete the transaction. No problem. I logged in and hit the necessary buttons. I can use PayPal in my sleep. PayPal ‘accepted’ the transaction. Now Best Buy had to step back in and complete it. That is standard. That is how it works. Once you have authorized the payment at PayPal you are returned to the merchant who then wraps up the deal.

Best Buy HUNG! Yes, it just froze with an empty white screen. Noting. I waited. I refreshed and I tried going back. Damn thing was frozen. I logged back into PayPal, on another tab, to see if the payment had come through. Nope. Waited — because I could continue doing other work on my other 12 open tabs. After about 10 minutes I gave up.

I was mad. Waste of my time. I went to Amazon and ordered a monitor — which is WHAT I SHOULD have done in the first place.

Well lesson learnt. Bye, Bye Best Buy. I will never try to buy anything from them again. Shame.

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