So South Africa Did Not Prevail Over New Zealand In The First ICC 2015 World Cup As I Had Hoped.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. From ESPN Use link below to access

From ESPN Click to access

It was quite the match though — wasn’t it. Riveting. Good cricket for the most part. I had not given up hope until the final Grant Elliott six. So ironic. South African born. What would dear Nelson Mandela have thought? [Actually Nelson would not have minded. He would have smiled.]

I was undone by two things; the rain the most and de Villiers’ captaincy after that. Rain didn’t even cross my mind. That changed the equation. The Duckworth/Lewis (D/L) compromise, as is invariably the case, was not adequate. If NOT for the rain, with AB in fine fettle South Africa was looking at around 370. That would have made a difference.

But then there was AB de Villiers’ captaincy on the day. Of course he is a fine, great, experienced and delightful cricketer. But he screwed up — even before the game started. He should not have agreed to have Philander back. He was not 100%, neither was Steyn. So he came into the match with total of 4 professional bowlers, 2 of them suspect. Of course you can understand that with Steyn. He is in the top 10 in the World, though his bowling on the night never really showed that. Philander can be a dork and he was.

Yes, we all know the role of Duminy as the 5th bowler. BUT he had other options. Himself and the ever dependable Amla. When AB did bowl he did better than Duminy.

Tahir was good but he could have been more aggressive. DITTO Morkel. He bowled well but he should have, with his height and pace, pinned their ears to their helmet. Not enough that was dug in, into their rib cage. With his pace, and bounce, he could have had them, quite literally, on the back foot, more often. So, while it was touching, there was no point crying afterwards. He should have blasted them.

And then back to AB. He bowled Duminy at all the wrong times and for too long. He should have brought in Morkel, earlier, and more often. He made the same rookie mistakes as did Holder in the 4th Quarter Final. The difference being that Holder, at 23, is really a rookie. Not so AB.

Well, it is all done and dusted. I did NOT know the result till 11:30 pm (Eastern) on Tuesday night. I watched it ball-by-ball and that is how long it took me. I watched it, live, Monday night/Tuesday morning till the rain break. It was a good match. Some great batting.

Tonight’s Semi Final between Australia and India. Yes, I am going down shortly to watch the start like — 11:30 pm (Eastern). Hard one to call. Two experienced teams with some canny players. They both have depth. They are both seasoned. Australia playing at home. And they have Maxwell. I could be wrong again, BUT I think Australia — though I will be happy to see India win. I think it will be another cracked.

Lot more I have to talk about after the Cup. For ONE I want the ‘West Indies’ as an entity and team abolished! There is no country called the ‘West Indies’ and as cuh there should be no such team. They are now an anachronism. A legacy of the British Empire. Lets do away with them. Jamaica, Barbados etc. need to play on their own. Think about it.

Already having withdrawal symptoms about the END of the 2015 World Cup.

It has been such a BIG part of my life over the last 6 weeks.

ESPN did good. I am amazed.

Not sure what I am going to.

Much will depend on how long ESPN will keep the replays up.

I would watch them ALL over again!

Yes, through the Roku 3 and DishWorld, I have Willow Cricket.

But it will not be the same as this wonderful World Cup.
We lucked out. One heck of a World Cup.

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