Watch, Live, At 3pm (Eastern), New Jaguar XF Being Driven Across The Thames On A Tightrope!

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the OFFICIAL Jaguar Webpage for this event.


26ED53D900000578-0-image-a-12_1427153849258 (1)

Both images from my all time favorite newspaper, the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Best newspaper in the whole world. Click this image to access their coverage of this event with lots more pictures.

This should be fun.

2015 appears to THE ‘Year of the Jaguars’ for the Guruge family. I have never owned a Jag and that needs to be rectified. In 2001 I was 95% towards buying an E-Type for $25,000. Well that never transpired.

14 years later I am ready to get a couple of Jags — though alas an E-type is now way out of my reach.

Last year was the 1969 MGB — which is in theory Devanee’s car, and I heard last night that she will be ready to drive it exactly an year from now.

The lease on our KIA expires June. Devanee and I have agreed that we are going to get a couple of Jags to replace the KIA. Deanna is not thrilled but she just wants a van, and keeping her in a van is outside of the discussions about the Jags.

I was thinking of getting a AWD X-type and an XJS. That is what Devanee would like. The XJS would be my convertible and the MGB would be hers and the X-type the family car when we don’t want to drive in the van.

But, I am thinking XJ6 or XJ8. Deanna actually likes those. Yes, they will not be practical in snow. But, that might now be a major issue. We will have the van for that.

While this plan too could go the way of the E-Type in 2001 the current goal is for us to have at least one Jag by June. Stay tuned.

IF you have a Jag to sell PLEASE do not hesitate to call. My contact >>>>

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