Contradictory Pope Francis Lets 150 Homeless Back Onto The Streets After Giving Them Tour Of Sistine Chapel!

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by Anura Guruge


Santi Gioacchino e Anna

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Why would the pope give them a tour of the Sistine and the Vatican Museums, give them a meal, and THEN turf them out on to the streets?

Yes, yes, I know he has had showers installed for them. How kind.

But what would Jesus have done?

Would he have kicked them back onto the streets, to be homeless, and sleep under the stars? I somehow doubt it.

What is my point?

The Vatican definitely has the resources and space to house these 150 souls. That is my point.

Yes, of course, some may not want to avail themselves of the Vatican’s largess (because it would, of course, come with a lot of strings), BUT it would have been nice if the Pope offered. He didn’t.

This is typical of this pope.

He always leaves issues dangling.

To me this was yet another ‘WTF’ moment by the pope. I am not impressed. I would have been IF he offered them shelter. This was a cop out by an increasingly strange pope.

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