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by Anura Guruge

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>> 1/2 million.
>> 350,000 hits.                           >> 250,000 hits.
>> 200,000 hits.                           >> 150,000 hits.


WordAds” is WordPress.com’s own exclusive Ad sharing program — analogous to what Google (with AdSense) has been doing for decades.

That WordPress included this blog in the WordAds program is indeed an honor — and I am grateful and humbled.

This is WONDERFUL because it allows me to stay on WordPress.com, which I love, and still get the benefits of an Ad sharing program. For me, it is the BEST of ALL worlds.

I love WordPress.com. Plain and simple. And I have for many years.

I am no stranger to blogging. I started blogging, in anger, c. 2008. I started with TypePad. I even messed around with Tumblr. Then I discovered WordPress.

I soon discovered that WordPress and I are very compatible. Of course there are things that I wish WordPress would do differently or at all. But, all in all, WordPress is one heck of a blogging platform. My evergreen, 600,000++ hits ‘Popes and Papacy’ blog is a hosted WordPress blog. But, in my old age (and I will soon be collecting my Social Security at the ripe old age of 62), hosted blogs are too much hassle. I like the ease and simplicity of WordPress.com.

I hate to even say how many WordPress.com blogs I have! It is more than 30.

But this, nhlife.wordpress.com, for the last 2.5 years, has been my main blog.

Until now, because it was a TOTALLY FREE blog, WordPress.com, QUITE rightly, didn’t give me any ad sharing options. That irked Deanna much more than I. She, rightly, would like me to make some shekels, and failing that, some U.S. dollars, on the amount of time I spend blogging. WordPress’ WordAds, at last, gives me the POTENTIAL. And for that I am glad and thankful.

It was the hope of getting WordAds that prompted me, yesterday, to get a .com domain, i.e., nhlifefree.com, for this blog. I had to have a domain name for the blog BEFORE I could even apply. Those that know me real well (and, in reality, that is only about 5 people) would have known that there had to have been a good reason for me to have done this. There is always method to my madness. That WordAds agreed to include me in their program within 24 hours of me becoming eligible, is an honor. I am happy.

So now you know the story.

With WordAds in place I will redouble my blogging efforts on this blog. As some of you know I have not been blogging as much this year as in the past. Yes, I devoted as much of my time as possible to my new book. But, WordAds changes all of that. Starting tomorrow I will be back blogging in anger, again.

Support this blog, support WordPress.com and support WordAds. This is what enables us to keep you informed and educated.

Thank YOU.

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