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Google’s New Domain Registration Another Reason To Be Cautious Of GoDaddy IPO.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to check out Google Domains — a new Google service.

I happened, serendipitously, to stumble upon this NEW Google service — Google Domains — last week when I was shopping for a couple of domain names.

For nearly 15 years GoDaddy had been the ONLY place that I went to get domains. I had migrated from ‘Network Solutions‘ and thought GoDaddy was the Cat’s Whiskers. And to be fair domain registration with GoDaddy is still very good. I will grant that to GoDaddy because that is true.

Yes, I still have some domains registered with Godaddy though over the last couple of years I have been getting rid of domain names now that I realize that I will NEVER have the time to use them. I actually deleted a ‘.me’ domain name, that I had held onto for 7 years, just last month, from GoDaddy.

As with all this Google, Domain Registration with them is slick and painless. It, at $12, was cheap too.

I have a couple of niggles BUT I need to verify them before I start jumping up and down. What am I talking about? The unethical, possibly criminal, practice of ‘poaching’ domain names. I was sure that ‘Network Solutions’ USED to do it — albeit in the early days of the Web. As far as I can see GoDaddy never did this and that too should be noted and they should get credit for it.

What does domain name poaching mean?

It means FRAUDULENTLY claiming that a domain name is taken SO that you can TRY and sell it to the person seeking it — in this case I — at a higher price.

How does it work. I go to register, lets say, ‘nhlife.com’. The ‘registrant’ says IMMEDIATELY that that domain name is taken. But it isn’t. Why? Because they then try to convince you that you can BUY that name at a higher price.

There have been lawsuits about this and there are other words for it, e.g., domain name squatting. I, having used GoDaddy to register over 40 domain names, over the years, is fairly sure that GoDaddy never tried to dupe me (but I could be wrong). I cannot be sure, but I had a second of doubt with Google. As ever, as is increasingly becoming the case, I just didn’t have the time to stop and verify it. It was just a lingering niggle. I just moved on, got another domain name.

So just keep that in mind.

Google getting into the domain registration business is NOT good news for GoDaddy.

Google will, of course, get customers. They have so many ways to steer customers to their offering.

So another red flag re. the GoDaddy IPO. Just giving you a heads up.

Lets Have An ‘Internet Hour’ To Match ‘Earth Hour’ Where We Conserve Internet Bandwidth.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Screenshot of a Google Image search on ‘Earth Hour’. You can do the same.


Click to ENLARGE and read. Use link below to access official page.


Click to access OFFICIAL “Earth Hour” Website.

This weekend’s 2015 ‘Earth Hour‘ to conserve one hours worth of electricity, worldwide, got me thinking.

We should also have a ‘Internet Hour‘ where we conserve one hour of bandwidth, across the Web — and also use that time to educate folks that anything and everything that you do on the Web uses energy.

That an idiot Sri Lankan, who claims to be a civil engineer told me that it does not take electricity to send a 9MB file across the Internet, from Australia to the U.S., still has me in a state of shock. That is amazing. This guy, though obviously NOT the brightest bulb in the world (and not even in Australia), is semi-educated and even claims to do consulting work on energy management.

So this is an issue. We have to educate the whole world that the Internet does not operate on thin air. The Internet uses ENORMOUS amounts of energy.

So lets work towards an ‘Internet Hour’. I am going to start contacting people forthwith. Join me. Spread the word.


Can This YET Be In The Future Of Alton Central (ACS) School?

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by Anura Guruge

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2007 Holden VE SS V Ute.

If I am NOT saying much on this blog it usually means that there is LOTS going on, behind the scenes. Just keep that in mind.

New Zealand Captain Brendon McCullum Should Be Charged In NZ With Criminal Mischief.

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by Anura Guruge

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nzmccullumguilty1There is bravado, there is irresponsibility, there is bad and then there is CRIMINAL MISCHIEF.

New Zealand Captain Brendon McCullum is guilty of Criminal Mischief. Plain and simple. His third ball dismissal was beyond the pale. It was ludicrous.

This was no exhibition game or a meaningless, 2-days lost to the rain County Championship game. This was the World (bloody) Cup.

Three balls. Missed all three and bowled off the last.

Yes, he acted like he indeed had three balls. He things and acts like he is God. He is not and we all know it.

This was beyond irresponsible.

He should be charged the second he sets foot back in New Zealand.

He should NEVER be allowed to play for New Zealand again. Players have been banned for less. Yes, even I have been dropped from cricket teams for less. This was not bad luck or poor judgement. This was criminal.

Then there is, alas, the ever niggling red flag. Was there more to his 3 balls than just plain criminal stupidity — though that is also a crime.

We have, over the last two weeks seen some VERY INEXPLICABLE behavior by some VERY senior players. Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene and in the 2nd Semi-Final Dhoni. Dhoni not only wasted balls but AMBLED across for the run in which he got RUN OUT. Check out the video. He didn’t dive. He didn’t even rush. If anything he slowed down.

What is going on?