“Sex Tape”, The Movie, Does A Great Disservice To THE Cloud, In Particular Apple’s Cloud.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access imdb.com page for the 2014 comedy “Sex Tape”.

This was really the only movie I wanted to grab during last weekend’s free Starz preview on DirecTV. The premise of the movie appealed to me.

As the title clearly intimates (and I gather the working title for the movie was “Basic Math”) it is about a long-suffering married couple that video ‘tapes’ one of their escapades — albeit a 3.5 hour marathon, involving all the positions in the ‘1980s’ “Joys of Sex” and videographed on an iPad. As such, despite the ‘Tape’ in the title there was never a tape. It was all digital video clips — a USB stick the only media device that it ever ended up on. So it is not a tape per se that goes missing, liable to fall into the wrong hands. It is a 3.5 hour video clip.

It is an ‘OK’ movie. Mindless entertainment. Somewhat predictable but not hard to watch.

However the movie, in trying to achieve its goal of a video that goes missing, does untold damage to the credibility and integrity of the cloud. Basically makes the ‘cloud’ to be an out-of-control, anything goes entity. In reality it would be nigh impossible for the storyline of this comedy to happen in reality. For a start, as a pre-teen points out, you can, of course, delete items you upload onto a cloud. There is also this notion of ‘things’, in this case a 3.5 hour MP4 video clip, getting automatically downloaded, from the cloud, into various unattended iPads. While it is conceivable that you could have an APP that would do such a thing lets face the facts here. 3.5 hour video is going to be at least a ~3GB file. That is a big file to just download willy nilly. But there is also a statement that the Apple cloud is unmanageable! Upload something to the Apple cloud and you henceforth lose control of it.

But here is where gets really weird. Apple MUST have paid for product placement in this movie. Everything that is shown is Apple and iPad gets mentioned every few seconds. So why did Apple allow them to make out that there cloud is a mess? Strange.

I would not pay to watch this movie. But if you can get it for free it is worth sitting through — though the nude and sex scenes are not that great.

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