The Strangely Addictive “Downton Abbey”, Post 6th Season, Said To Morph Into US-set, “The Gilded Age” On NBC.

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by Anura Guruge

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A totally unexpected bonus of us getting a Roku 3 was that it got us, in unison, hooked on “Downton Abbey“. Yes, of course, being a Brit and a huge fan of PBS/NPR I knew of “Downton” — it is just that we had never watched it on PBS. Basically we had got out of the habit of watching much on PBS. Not sure why. When “Downton Abbey” first made an appearance, in the U.S, five years ago, the girls were, obviously, 5 years younger. They would not have appreciated it then — especially not Teischan at 4. Plus I didn’t want to get hooked onto a show which I had to record on a weekly basis — then wait for the next season etc.

With the Roku — and Amazon Prime — that problem was solved. When we were looking through Amazon (on the Roku) we discovered that all 5 seasons of “Downton” were available, as part of Prime, all neatly laid out — in a row. Talk about convenient. Better than having a DVD set (which Deanna’s sister does have). Within days of getting the Roku 3, in mid-February, I gave the very first episode a spin during our traditional family TV hour (from 6 to 7pm). Devanee was instantly hooked, as was Deanna. Teischan, 8 at the time, was a bit more skeptical. But we watched a couple more episode — mainly at Devanee’s insistence. Teischan then became hooked and is now the greatest fan, though to be fair we all look forward to it. But every night, around 5:40 pm Teischan tells me “lets watch Downton again tonight”. For the last 6 weeks or so, if we are at home at ‘family TV’, that is all we have watched. We are nearly done with Season 3! Two more seasons to go. We are already talking about life after Downton.

Not sure how or where we will be able to watch Season 6 — but cost is not going to be a factor. I will have to get hold of Season 6, as soon as it is available, ‘cost be damned’. Maybe it will be on PBS.

That NBC plans to do “The Gilded Age” set in the U.S. is a relief but we all have our reservations.

I have already decided that I am going to subscribe to Acorn, on the Roku, so we can watch “Upstairs/Downstairs”. I think the kids will like that now they have discovered the magic of British country houses.

So “The Gilded Age” is good news. Hope it comes to pass.

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