How Soon Before We Get The First Car Fatality Caused By The Apple Watch?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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About an hour ago, while getting dressed (after my run), I saw a bimbo (and she indeed was one), on CNBC, glibly talking about her experiences DRIVING while wearing the new Apple Watch. She also volunteered that she had also been ‘told off’  — along the lines of “that is very distracting” — at a recent business meeting for continually glancing down at her watch, on her wrist, every time it beeped, vibrated whatever.

Distracted driving scares me, especially since nearly all young drivers do not seem to be able to drive unless they have GPS.

I dread that the Apple Watch is going to result in TOO MANY accidents. From what I can see, unless they act very, very quickly, the current ‘Distracted Driving’ laws will NOT cover the Apple Watch. Technically it is NOT a cell phone. Plus it will be difficult for the police to enforce Apple Watch wearing while driving.

The Watch is going to be more distractive than a phone per se since it is attached to your wrist and it ‘does things’. People will GLANCE DOWN at their wrist. Worse still they will move their hands, and with it the steering wheel, to look at the Watch.

This is going to be a problem. I am SURE Apple has warnings and disclaimers on the packaging that comes with the Watch. But how do you stop a person from USING their Apple Watch when driving? I am a loyal, long term APPL shareholder though we haven’t had a single Apple product in the house for well over 15 years!

This bothers me. Deaths will come. Right now 9 deaths a DAY due to distracted driving. That is 9 too much. What do YOU think?

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