“Phone Power” Kindly Saved Me $60 (A Year). Thank YOU.

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by Anura Guruge

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I just saved myself $60 (a year) thanks to “PhonePower“.

I am pretty chuffed. How did I do it. I cancelled my “PhonePower” account — and I am JUST going to use Google Voice on my OBi110. Simple as that.

I went with PhonePower on May 14, 2014, for $60/year, when we lost Google Voice support on the OBi. I loved Google Voice and was bummed but PhonePower, for essentially $5/month, did pretty good.

When Google Voice support was restored in September 2014 I stayed with PhonePower. I configured Google Voice as my 2nd VoIP carrier. I was going to STAY WITH PhonePower and pay them $60 again in May. I did not want to DISRUPT the configuration that I had — and that worked. I was willing to pay $5/month to AVOID change.

Then today PhonePower disrupted MY network. I was having problems with Caller ID. They tried to fix it. But after they tried the OBi110 would NOT recognize their service! I had also LOST Google Voice. They then left me in the lurch and blamed it all on OBi!

Well I got the OBi to work again. All I had to do was recycle power! I managed to get Google Voice back. I put it back on as SP1. My primary and now ONLY VoIP. I still have a TDS landline for incoming calls and **8 outbound. Screw PhonePower.

They forced my hand and they saved me $60/year. Thank YOU.

Google Voice rocks. Yes, I have to put up with a Maine 207 number but that proves to be fun. People have NO idea that it is I calling.

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