Sling TV (Post HBO On April 10, 2015): Best To Sign-Off, Uninstall & Then Re-Install APP On Roku.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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960x540Sling TV (née DishWorld) had a lot of server-related problems the weekend of April 11-12, 2015 — this coinciding with when it added HBO to its offerings. Just ahead of the weekend they did release a new Sling TV App — also on Roku. It is NOT clear whether Roku automatically updated the APP.

Sling support recommends that you manually install the NEW APP — after signing-off from the old and then having Roku uninstall it. Today, I did it. Not sure whether it helped much. I can get to Sling today, which is more than what I could do yesterday. Not amused.

Amazing the contrast with ESPN. I am getting increasingly impressed with ESPN. They are beginning to rock. Sling, on the the other hand, has got off to a rocky start. Hope this helps.

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