Stephen Hodecker, The Meredith (N.H.) Artist, ‘Famous’ For His Nudes And Wyethian Of late.

His most famous nude? At Giuseppe’s in Meredith.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I have known Stephen Hodecker since 1998.
[I also used to know his sister who is also a well-known artist.]

I have a bronze of his that he cast in 1999.
Deanna and Devanee have adopted it.
Deanna, especially, has taken a proprietary interest in it. 

These days I typically only see Stephen if we both happen to be at
Giuseppe’s, Meredith [N.H.] at the same.
And this usually happens when we attend the annual
JTG Music Memorial Extravaganza.

So, we did meet Stephen this year
and I got his latest business card …

I had not noticed before or maybe his style has evolved.
He definitely has some Wyethian touches these days.
Maybe most New England artist end up with some influence.
Next time I see him I will have to tell him that
Deanna actually knew Andrew Wyeth.

Click to ENLARGE and savor here. Use link below to access the Website.

Click here to access the ‘Stephen Hodecker’ Website.

Stephen Hodecker

Stephen Hodecker at the 21st JTG Music Memorial Extravaganza at Giuseppe’s (Meredith) on Sunday, March 29, 2015. [[See posts on this blog, March 30, 2015.]]

What I (rightly or wrongly) consider to be the most famous Hodecker nude. The setting appeals to me and I am quite partial to the ‘subject’ matter. And that is all we are going to say.

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