Vesak 2015 In Sri Lanka Will Be On Sunday, May 3 (Not In June Per Some).

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by Anura Guruge

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No sooner is the Sinhala New Year, April 13 – 14,
done and dusted before Sri Lankan Buddhists
have to start gearing up for Vesak —
the Buddhist equivalent of Christmas, Good Friday
and Epiphany rolled into one mega holy day.

Sri Lankan Buddhist celebrate Vesak
on the Full Moon day of May
in 2015, on May 3, 2015 in Sri Lanka.

Buddhist in other countries will
celebrate it on June 1 — the June Full Moon.

It is possible that the Sri Lankans are celebrating it too early —
the May 2015 Full Year falling rather early in the month.

No matter. In Sri Lanka this is not negotiable
(like so much else when it comes to Buddhism).

Vesak is always the May Full Moon.

So with Aluth Avurudda successfully negotiated,
we will now turn our attention to Vesak —
though I do not ‘celebrate’ it per se.



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