Jason Holder, THE Hero Of The 1st 2015 WI v. Eng. Test, Is THE MAN — And Could Be The New Gary Sobers.

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by Anura Guruge

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Jason Holder, I applaud and THANK YOU.


Click to access ESPN CricInfo coverage replete with video.


Click to access Wikipedia entry for the 23 year old, 6′ 7″ Jason Holder, THE MAN.

Jason Holder’s 2nd innings, 103*, in 149 balls spanning 216 minutes, on April 17, 2015 to SAVE the match for the West Indies was classy and masterful. It was inspirational, uplifting and humbling.

He is 23 years old and it was but his 4th Test Match. He put so many of the other West Indies batsmen to shame.

Despite his relative ‘youth’ (and yes, of course, we have had teenagers playing Test cricket) his maturity, talent and potential have obviously not gone unnoticed. Yes, he is the ODI Captain — though I have mixed feelings about that. But that is another matter.

Lets celebrate his tremendous achievement on Friday, April 17, 2015. I, given their erratic performances of late, was already reconciled that the West Indies were going to LOSE.

I sat down, at 11 pm, on Friday, to watch the Willow Cricket highlights — via Sling TV on my Roku 3 — with a heavy heart, ready to see England, clinically, perform the last rites. I was hoping that my other man, the still doughty Shivnarine Chanderpaul would score a gritty century, with Blackwood (who did score a wonderful 112* in the first innings) chipping in with at least 80. I was distraught when Shiv was lbw. He is 40. His reactions are not what they used to be.

I never expected the West Indies to SAVE the match.

Then hope, thanks to Holder, sprang — eternal. I was even working out run rates for the West Indies to WIN.

Yes, I was on the edge of the seat  for the last 20 overs. It was like at T20.

I was OFFENDED, and I am not sure what Holder and Roach thought (but they too should take exception), when the dressing room sent instructions, with 5 overs to go, and Holder at 90*, that Holder should focus on holding out for the 5 overs rather than getting his MAIDEN 1st class (let alone Test) hundred. That was UNNECESSARY. This boy (and he is the same age as my son, who middle name pays homage to Gordon Greenidge) knows HIS GAME (and I mean that in the full panoply meanings that that word can convey) better than most of the CLOWNS in the Dressing Room. He did great. I was so proud of him. That he would survive the remaining overs was never in doubt and that he would get a century in the process was also never in doubt. This was GREAT. Made me happy. Made me very happy.

No, I am still going to agitate that the West Indies cricket team should be disbanded and barred from the ICC. There is NO COUNTRY called the ‘West Indies’ and as such there should be NO TEAM that plays as such. International cricket should ONLY be played between genuine nations. Period. Simple as that.

But, Jason Holder, HOLD your head up high. You did GREAT. He could be the next Gary Sobers! Think of that.

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