Dish or MetroCast After DirecTV — I Guess It Isn’t Even Close!

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by Anura Guruge

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My detested and deplored DirecTV contract ends in June — two months from now.

June 22nd to be precise. As I avowed within a few days of getting it, I will cancel my DirecTV contract the VERY DAY that my 2-year commitment ends. To say that DirecTV irks me would be an understatement. DirecTV has got to be one of the scummiest companies in the U.S.

So what do I do next.

I, actually all of us, LOVE the Roku 3. The Roku really has changed our lives — watching “Downton Abbey“, nearly every day, not the only reason. Though I will give it some REAL serious consideration over the next few weeks, I am not convinced that I can live just with STREAMING. Streaming is good. Streaming is fun BUT I still like, or want, broadcast channels.

Plus, I, my nature and my IBM background, am into redundant solutions. Not sure I want everything media-wise coming into this house to be Internet-based — even IF I end up, down the road, with two separate Internet feeds, TDS & MetroCast, for redundancy.

I don’t think I need all the channels I now get with DirecTV. But I am not going to sacrifice BBC America, Travel or Animal Planet for $10/month. So most likely I will still end up with a 200+ channel package.

I will get a monthly discount on Dish through TDS. That is a given. I am amazed how expensive MetroCast is! Wow. Don’t even mention ‘Packages’! They are a ripoff! I get FREE VoIP with Google Voice. Why do I need to pay for a voice package. Have it already. Thank you.

I will keep you posted. This was but the opening salvo.

June is going to be busy. Lease on the KIA also comes to an end; June 27. At least we are all agreed on the replacement plan for that. One or more Jags!

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