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LG Electronics LGV700 10.1″ Android 5.0 Tablet — Infuriating Rather Than Compelling.

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by Anura Guruge

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LG Electronics E10 LGV700 10.1″ Tablet. Click to access Amazon page.

I got this LG LGV700 10.1″ Android Pad as a backup for my 8 month old 10.2″ Le Pan tablet. The Le Pan when it works, which is 95% of the time, is formidable. It is fast, flawless and has no eccentricities or foibles. But, alas, a fatal flaw lurks somewhere within it. Every once in a while it just dies. We are talking dead as a doornail. Responds to nothing. The on/off button becomes powerless. It is dead. So far, inexplicably, it has come to life after such a sudden death. It is like a resurrection. Sometimes if I bang on it you will suddenly hear this ‘whirring’ noise, like a hard-drive kicking in, and it will go through a complete reboot process. Once it has resurrected itself it is its usual flawless self until it next decides to die. I have an extended warranty on it — so I don’t really care. One of these days I will return it and get $200 (or something like that) back from Walmart.

But it would be annoying to be without a pad, not that there is a shortage of pads in this house. But, my pad, has my Apps and is customized for my habbits. So Deanna, the other morning, when she saw me banging the Le Pan to activate it, told me to get a backup. That was the LG LGV700.

The LGV700 looks nice. Very slim. Nice contours. Appealing tactile feel. I plugged it into recharge, using the Le Pan charger (since they are all the same in the end), and set it aside. I wasn’t excited or anything. It was just another pad, a backup at that. A few hours later I went to get it setup. There was a TUTORIAL that had been activated and it was TALKING AWAY at me, very loud and annoyingly. It was, as we later found out, an ‘accessibility’ tool, called TALK-BACK. And it sure did talk-back. That is all it bloody did. Talk-Back. It was an ‘User Interface’ explaining tutorial. Every Time you bloody touched the screen it told you what you were doing! Jesus would have wept. I did more. Just could NOT get out of it. Deanna and the two kids joined in. They are all Android users. They tried. TOUCH WAS DISABLED. You had to bloody double knock. It was a nightmare. I hated it. I am not destructive and very rarely lose my temper. I was ready to smash this pad. I didn’t care that I had paid $2xx — whatever for it. I hated it. But we persevered. The kids sitting with me to stop me from totally losing it. We got Wi-Fi going with the bloody talk jabbering away. Can’t Koreans pronounce Wi-Fi? It is NOT ‘We-Fe’. Hated it. Finally we finished the setup. Then we could get to to SETTINGS. Then we found how to disable the frigging Talk-Back. Then there was this stupid Knock Code.

It works. It is kind of fast. The system update gave me Android 5.0.2. There wasn’t that much clutter. The Wi-Fi chipset seems decent. Accepted the microSD card without any fuss.

But all said, it is not as fast as my Le Pan when I am using Chrome — and using Chrome is what I do 95% of the time! It is slow and it doesn’t render as fast.

So it is OK. That whole set-up fiasco with Talk-Back soured the whole experience. I am no empathy with this pad.

The miniscule 4.2″ x 2.5″ English/Spanish Quick Start Guide came with the pad was beyond a joke. Had nothing about the bloody Talk-Back based set-up. 40 pages of English — 34 of them “For your Safety”. It was a joke.

I will NOT recommend this LG LGV700. It works and that is about all. IF you can get the Le Pan. It is at least 10 times better. The Le Pan is unobtrusive — when it is not dead. [It is, alas, however, very obtrusive when it is dead.] So that is that. This time next year I will most likely have two new pads!

Pope Francis Coming To The U.S. FROM Cuba May Upset & Offend Some Despite New Cuban Detente.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access original “Vatican Information Service” (VIS) coverage.

People don’t turn on a dime. After 50 years of suspicion most Americans aren’t going to think of Cuba as the ‘new Canada’ overnight. Plus there are all the Cuban exiles who still have lots of issues from the past to deal with.

So despite the sudden and new detente it is going to take some time for folks to get used to the notion that Cuba is no longer a ‘bad guy’.

Consequently, that Pope Francis — and the Vatican — think that it is ‘OK’ to come to the U.S. from Cuba is somewhat puzzling and intriguing. I am sure that some are going to be offended. Worst case the pope could have gone to Cuba FROM the U.S.

Cuba is a Catholic country and both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have visited Cuba; the former visiting it on its own and the later doing so on his way to Mexico.

Was not the most diplomatic thing to do. Some, I am sure, will feel slighted.

Blended (2014) Has A Cameo By Dale Steyn & Many Appearances By “Junior Mambazo” (Ladysmith ‘Kids’)

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by Anura Guruge

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YouTube of “Junior Mambazo” in ‘Blended’. Click to access.


“Junior Mambazo”. Click to ENLARGE and read here. From Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mshengu_White_Mambazo


Dale. From Wikipedia. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Steyn

This was a movie I recorded, probably from Cinemax, during the latest free preview weekend on DirecTV. It looked vaguely amusing, and that it was.

We like ‘mindless’ movies like this. Easy to watch, easy on the eye. It is escapism. Nothing profound. It was OK. I would not have paid to see it, but for ‘free’ — it would be churlish to complain. Some funny bits. Decent commentary on current social mores.

The “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” lookalikes were a real BONUS. We saw them, live, at the ConcordCapitol Center for the Arts“, in 2003, and have always been great fans. We initially thought it was them but I had to make sure. Appears it is “Junior Mambazo”. Pretty good. Hard to tell the difference.

There was NO mistaking Dale. I immediately recognized him. What the HECK he was doing in this movie is a puzzle. Yes, of course, he got paid … BUT! Dale? Actually, no harm done. He must have had fun.

I had heard of the ‘anything goes’ hedonistic atmosphere at “Sun City”. If it is really like what they depict I might add it to my Bucket List — though it might be way beyond my meagre pay grade.

Sound Of Spring In New Hampshire — The Peepers + Some Sights & More Crocuses.

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by Anura Guruge

2015 crocuses, Alton, N.H., April 19.

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The Peepers have have been in fine voice
since last Friday.
Had the dogs in quite a tizzy.
They jumped into the swamp to check.
All the Peeping stopped, at once. Quite funny.

I videoed this same swamp last Spring.
It was quite a hit.

So this is the 2015 version.
Prospect Mountain Road, Alton, New Hampshire.
(West on Route 28 close to Barnstead).
This the road that I run on — most days.
1.25 miles uphill — then 1.25 downhill.

Click to access YouTube video. Read the description. The dogs are introduced there, if YOU don’t know them already. They run, off leash, with me. Turn up the VOLUME. Quite impressive.

Pictures taken on Prospect Mountain Road,
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 — Earth Day.

Click to ENLARGE.

Found this “Peeper Ale” bottle, from Maine,
up the road. Despite the signs about throwing rubbish
there is a lot of litter on this beautiful road.

The most unusual object I have seen was a discarded,
purple, female, plastic vibrator. The mind boggles.
Obviously somebody threw it out of a car or truck.
I guess they were still frustrated!

Very apropos. I hope they stopped and listened to the peepers as they supped the ‘Peeper Ale’. Like the picture and the “Do what’s right” message.

Taylor ‘Blueberry Farm’; about 1/2 way up my climb. The swamp with the peepers is at the bottom.

The trees are still bare. One of these is the crab apple tree that bore the LAST red apple in New Hampshire. Find my post.

There is still snow on the ground, in the shade, at the top.

The dogs love the cold, melted snow pools.