Pope Francis Coming To The U.S. FROM Cuba May Upset & Offend Some Despite New Cuban Detente.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access original “Vatican Information Service” (VIS) coverage.

People don’t turn on a dime. After 50 years of suspicion most Americans aren’t going to think of Cuba as the ‘new Canada’ overnight. Plus there are all the Cuban exiles who still have lots of issues from the past to deal with.

So despite the sudden and new detente it is going to take some time for folks to get used to the notion that Cuba is no longer a ‘bad guy’.

Consequently, that Pope Francis — and the Vatican — think that it is ‘OK’ to come to the U.S. from Cuba is somewhat puzzling and intriguing. I am sure that some are going to be offended. Worst case the pope could have gone to Cuba FROM the U.S.

Cuba is a Catholic country and both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have visited Cuba; the former visiting it on its own and the later doing so on his way to Mexico.

Was not the most diplomatic thing to do. Some, I am sure, will feel slighted.

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