Sound Of Spring In New Hampshire — The Peepers + Some Sights & More Crocuses.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
. .
by Anura Guruge

2015 crocuses, Alton, N.H., April 19.

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The Peepers have have been in fine voice
since last Friday.
Had the dogs in quite a tizzy.
They jumped into the swamp to check.
All the Peeping stopped, at once. Quite funny.

I videoed this same swamp last Spring.
It was quite a hit.

So this is the 2015 version.
Prospect Mountain Road, Alton, New Hampshire.
(West on Route 28 close to Barnstead).
This the road that I run on — most days.
1.25 miles uphill — then 1.25 downhill.

Click to access YouTube video. Read the description. The dogs are introduced there, if YOU don’t know them already. They run, off leash, with me. Turn up the VOLUME. Quite impressive.

Pictures taken on Prospect Mountain Road,
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 — Earth Day.

Click to ENLARGE.

Found this “Peeper Ale” bottle, from Maine,
up the road. Despite the signs about throwing rubbish
there is a lot of litter on this beautiful road.

The most unusual object I have seen was a discarded,
purple, female, plastic vibrator. The mind boggles.
Obviously somebody threw it out of a car or truck.
I guess they were still frustrated!

Very apropos. I hope they stopped and listened to the peepers as they supped the ‘Peeper Ale’. Like the picture and the “Do what’s right” message.

Taylor ‘Blueberry Farm’; about 1/2 way up my climb. The swamp with the peepers is at the bottom.

The trees are still bare. One of these is the crab apple tree that bore the LAST red apple in New Hampshire. Find my post.

There is still snow on the ground, in the shade, at the top.

The dogs love the cold, melted snow pools.

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