150th Anniversary Of President Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Train In New York City & Albany, New York.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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51762_ng_lincoln_coverAs I have oft mentioned I (still) religiously read each issue of “National Geographic“, cover-to-cover, each month. The only magazine that I now read on a regular basis. Even the “Reader’s Digest” doesn’t make that list anymore, though I do read it, plus any and all photographic magazine I come across, more often that not.

I have been reading, with some interest, this month’s cover story on Lincoln’s funeral train. I knew some about the train and the voyage, but, of course, not to the level of detail in this article. It had an interesting ‘sidebar’ about race-relations in Buffalo, N.Y., over the century, including school segregation, and that was fascinating since I did attend High School, in Buffalo, during 1967 – 1968 — in what was a mixed school at the time. Kensington High School (which is now closed).

This morning I came across this photograph, on pages 44-45, and noticed the date on it. TODAY. April 25, 1865. 150 years ago. To me, an avid fan of the President, this seemed something worth commemorating. I had a very quick look. Didn’t see anything obvious. I can’t, to my horror, find a SINGLE Google Doodle for President Lincoln! How can that be? Yes, I know that they try to avoid political figures BUT President Lincoln, easily and incontrovertibly, transcends politics.

Click to ENLARGE and enjoy. From the April 2015 issue of “National Geographic”. I am sure they will indulge me, in this instance, for trampling on their copyright — since this is for a good cause.

Click here to access original … which has lots of pictures and other information.

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