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NOIEX, ‘Northern Income Equity Fund’: The ‘Income’ Part Is Becoming An Oxymoron.

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by Anura Guruge

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Following all of my coverage of NOIEX in December 2014, when we had that unprecedented and uncalled for $3.987 dividend, this blog has become a regular destination for those seeking genuine incisive information on this now moribund fund. So this is another post to keep you posted.

The April 2015 distribution, at $0.00446 per share, was, yet again, on the low side. 64% below the April 2014 distribution.

To help us all out I created this comparison chart. It, as you can see, is not that conclusive. I, however, continue to feel that NOIEX, post-December 2014, seems to be skimping on the dividends. For a fund that has ‘income’ in its name this seems incongruous.

But, to be fair, its overall performance is still fair. Not stellar, but it is hanging in there. Check out this from MarketWatch. The December ex-DIV NAV was $12.57. It has been up as much as $13.09. YOU definitely should keep a close eye on it. NOIEX is no longer a fund that you could buy and forget about — in the belief that it will quietly keep on doing what it should, i.e., doing reasonably well and generating some income. It definitely appears to have lost some steam if not its way. I am not ready to ditch it yet. It has served me well for a number of years. But, I check its performance rather carefully of late. OK? Hope this helped. If nothing else you won’t find this dividend comparison chart, in this easy to follow format, anywhere else. Enjoy.

Click to ENLARGE and read. From marketwatch.com.