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Happy To See The Cavalier Bangladesh Cricket Team Come Of Age — Doing So With Aplomb.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and savor. From ESPN cricinfo.com (with thanks).

I first started watching the Bangladeshi, in earnest and in interest, last Fall during their series against the West Indies. A few of their players, e.g., Mushfiqur Rahim, Mohammad Mahmudullah, Tamim Iqbal etc., caught my eye. You could see that they were awfully talented, very committed and loved the game. They reminded me of young West Indies players of yore. I followed them in the ICC 2015 World Cup — rooting for them to win their matches. They played with panache and that always appeals to me. I was glad they made the quarter-finals.

I just finished watching the 2nd Bangladesh v Pakistan ODI. That the two teams are playing, in Bangladesh no less, intrigues me. I am old enough to remember Bangladesh’s war of independence from Pakistan. [Oh, I also did not know until that match that Bangladesh (too) has a female prime minister — and she looks impressive (and very gentle).] I watched the first ODI too. Yes, I know that they won the series 3-0 though I have yet to watch the 3rd ODI or the T20. Bangladesh played beyond themselves. It was electric. Loved it. They sure came of age.

Yes, they still, like Sri Lanka in the early 1980s, need a bit more exposure and experience. But this series will give them heart and confidence. It was very gratifying to watch them. Another national team making the transition to a true Test stature team. Bravo. I am looking forward to watching all the remaining matches, including each day of the Test matches, on Willow TV (via my Roku 3). I have to confess that I have a surfeit of cricket on hand. Who would have thought that I would ever live, in the U.S., to say that. Yes, of course, I watched the highlights of all 10 days of the Two WI v. Eng. Tests. That the West Indies lost, so pathetically, did not please me. What a contrast. The Bangladeshi play like what the West Indies used to do 30 years ago. How the tide, something the Bangladeshis know very well, has turned.

So, today, I salute the Bangladesh cricket team. Keep up the good work.