Does Ed Miliband, Next Presumptive U.K. PM, Have Any Indian In Him?

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by Anura Guruge

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Ed Miliband’s early bio from Wikipedia. Click to ENLARGE and read here. to access original.


Given that I didn’t see much U.K. TV until I got SkyNews via my Roku 3 and BBC News (for awhile) via DirecTV during the last few months, I had not seen much of Ed Miliband or even know who he was.

The very first time I saw him, during PM’s Question Time, I just ASSUMED that he must have had an Indian parent! Would not be at all unusual in multiracial Britain. From then on each and every time I would see him I would be struck by his Indian appearance. With the elections looking it struck me that he could be the first Indian PM of the U.K. Not a bad thing at all and I, for one, would be delighted, though I am, of course, not an Indian (and have never been good looking or smart enough to be one). The other night I was forced to go check his parentage on Wikipedia. (See above) I was very surprised. But that, as we all know, means diddly.

It is as with Prince Harry — and I am no stranger to James Hewitt. I can never look at an image of Harry and NOT be reminded of James. As a Web acquaintance once said, you would have to be very drunk and be squinting in a special way NOT to see the resemblance.

It is possible with Miliband that the Indian connection could be from an earlier generation.

Am I the ONLY one who sees the Indian?

I also just had an e-mail from the U.K. saying that, if ‘elected’, he would be the first atheist PM. I checked. He has never said he was an atheist. He claimed to be a Jewish atheist — and I am adding that to my favorite list of oxymorons. You can’t be Jewish and an atheist. You could be ‘born Jewish’ and an atheist. AND if you were just wondering Benjamin Disraeli, as attested by his name was born Jewish, converted to Anglicanism at 12. And NO there have been no Catholic PMs. But, of course, we have had a female PM.

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