Recycled, Simple Google Doodle For United Kingdom Parliamentary Elections May 7, 2015.

blygd3Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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++ Scottish referendum results.
++ Scottish referendum. …

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Just shown in the U.K.


Click to access rather good Wikipedia summary of the election.

I have, in marked contrast to my intense agitation leading up to the Scottish referendum last September, have remained quite ambivalent about this election — though I have been following it, in somewhat desultory manner, on SkyNews (on my Roku) and occasionally in the U.K. Daily Mail. The real issue is that I feel chagrined that I can’t vote — only being able to do so, as I am due, if I get over there for the election. I miss voting in elections. I have, in all my life, only voted in Britain — and while there I did so diligently without once missing a election or referendum. Yes, I am proud to say even 40 years later that I was one of the 2% that voted ‘NO’ in the 1975 ‘should we join the European Union’ referendum.

In addition, now that we averted the Scottish Independence nightmare I am not that concerned about U.K. politics — given that it is rarely ever as ugly, bitter and decisive as things tend to get over here. Plus the ‘red v. blue’ line is not as marked. Though I have been quite the Democrat since ‘Shrub’ declared his disastrous war, and want the White House to stay in safe Democrat hands for another 8 years, I have no qualms about David Cameron, though he is a Conservative. He is not rabid. He is quite sensible and sane. Plus there is the fact that I was a ‘right of Margaret Thatcher‘ conservative for well over two decades of my life. For reasons I still cannot put a finger on ‘Ed Miliband‘ does not ring true to me and it cannot be just his beliefs. More on that in another post. Furthermore, he, to me, looks Indian. Have you noticed that.

Hung parliament. Never a pleasant prospect. So lets wait and see what comes to pass.

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