Extravagant, Disgustingly Affordable “Mother’s Day” Cakes By Kapruka — Albeit Only For Delivering In Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.cake00ka00421_1
by Anura Guruge


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Both these Mother’s Day cakes from Kapruka.
Click here to access their Website.

Click images to ENLARGE and drool over.


So what would YOU be willing to pay for these delectable cakes?

The bottom one is US $24.10 including delivering in and around Colombo.

The top one, with the exquisite daffodils, is US $17.15.

Ah! For Sri Lankan prices.

I have, over the years, sent at least 20 Kapruka cakes to relatives in Sri Lanka. They were always a hit — even in a family known over the years for their cake baking and decorating prowess.

I wish I could have Kapruka cakes in the U.S. I understand the prices would have to be different. But, I would pay $75 for either of these cakes — though, of course, I would NOT touch a piece.

That they now celebrate Mother’s Day in Sri Lanka makes me smile. It is a new holiday. We never had it when we were growing up. It is all the Sri Lankans living in the West — wanting to pay homage to their mothers in Sri Lanka. It is cute. My mother, adoptive at that, has been gone since 1992. I get a feeling that mothers in Sri Lanka get treated on various Mother’s Day depending on where their offspring reside. So if a mother has kids in both U.K. and the U.S. she will get to celebrate two separate Mother’s Days; March 15 & May 10 (this year).

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