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Queen Lays Poppies At Westminster Abbey Service, Sunday, May 10, 2015 For VE Day 70th Anniversary.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click image to access YouTube video from SkyNews.

British pomp & pageantry, particularly when it involves the poignant red poppy, makes me so proud and resolute.

This was a BIG deal and I am glad that even 70 years later we are doing the right thing the right way.

Reflect, remember be proud. 

‘New’ Market Basket — Arthur T. Demoulas PLEASE Don’t Skimp On Hand Sanitizer.

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by Anura Guruge

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As the above listed posts would amply testify I am a HUGE fan of Market Basket and of Arthur T. Demoulas (and my association with Demoulas’, on a family basis, goes back 30 years).

My wife and kids joke that I can’t be within a 10 miles radius of the Market Basket in Concord, N.H. without finding an excuse to stop there.

I vocally supported the boycott last year and I was beyond thrilled that Arthur T. finally got total control of the chain.

So, I was bummed today that ‘they’ — and this could just be a misguided decision just at the Fort Eddy Store in Concord, N.H. — are trying to economize on public hand sanitizers!

Come on.

Yes, of course, everything has a price, Market Basket (rightly) works on thin margins and every cent makes a difference.

But, come on. Cutting back on hand sanitizers!

As they would have said at my rather exclusive Public School in London “Play the White Man”!

I was amazed. They used to have two large dispensers, of the paper kind, at each of the two entrances/exists. Today they were gone.

I went and asked a manager — or at least a guy in a red jacket. I think his name was “Sean” and he had a tag that said “22 years”. This was around 1pm, Monday, May 11, 2015. [Look it up.]

He said that they had to REMOVE the dispensers because the WIND from the entrances were drying out the napkins. They were losing 2,000 a day from the wind.

I pointed out that you can get other types of sanitizers — e.g., liquid. He didn’t even bother to respond. This guy was pompous and ignorant. Not what I had ever seen with Demoulas management. Never mind him. He can’t help it.

I just would like MORE hand sanitizers.

Yes, as is ALWAYS the case with my apparent madness there is a good reason. I get cheese ends, whenever I can, at Market Basket. I love the VARIETY. 30 shades of cheese in one shrink wrapped package. I like to start devouring the cheese even while I am at the checkout. No, I am NOT cheating them. It is already weighed and their is a label with the original price. But I like to sanitize my hands BEFORE I break into the packet.

So Arthur T. — please.

Give me back my hand sanitizers. Liquid ones will be fine.

And PLEASE talk to ‘Sean’. Some of us do KNOW what we are talking about

5pm, Monday, May 11, 2015 UPDATE.

I just spoke to an ‘Assistant Manager’ at Fort Eddy, Market Basket. Appears that the hand sanitizer policy is, indeed, handed down to them from up high. The napkin variety, supposedly, is the ONLY type they are permitted to use — least aggressive and meets OSHA standards. Well I asked him to escalate the matter.

Market Basket (as in the New England stores) does NOT have a Website! He confirmed that.

“Brit Bits” In Rye, New Hampshire — Mouthwatering Display Of British Classic Cars.

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by Anura Guruge

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It was this TR8 that caught my eye as we turned the corner on Rte 1A. Exactly the same color as my MGM 327X registration TR7 back in the U.K. 1983 – to 1985.

This TR6 might have to come home with me one of these days. It seems to have my name on it.

WOW. Think this one is way beyond my means.

Devanee is into Jags. not sure where she gets it from. Checking out this Jag. Nice, but not as fancy as she would like. The interior was way too shabby for her likings.

At ’62’ am I too old for this? No. No. NO. This was NOt at Brit Bits. It is NOT even in New Hampshire. Devanee likes it. She thinks Dad should get it, but I am not sure IF I am too old for a car like this.

I had written about “Brit Bits” last December and I know we must have driven past it — but that obviously was when I was ignoring looking at British sports cars true to my promise to Deanna that I would not get a sports car while my son, Matthew, was still in College. Well Matthew graduated from Wheaton (MA) last Summer.

I was taking the scenic Rte 1A way back from our Mother’s Day 2015 jaunt to Hampton Beach. As I took the corner I espied the TR8. Exact same color as my TR7. We pulled up.

Wow. What a display. Good job that they were closed. Deanna has slowly become resigned. She is now always outvoted. Devanee too is into British cars. That is good. I am glad. The next car will be a Jag BUT not from “Brit Bits”. My problem is trying to find a Jag that is old enough to blend in with me. Stay tuned. We are already planning going back to Rye to see “Brit Bits”. Devanee is adamant that we are now going to have 4 cars. Sounds fair to me. She will be driving this time this year. 3 drivers, 3 cars and one spare. Seems reasonable to me. Yes, we can get three cars in the garage. We have already done it. The van can stay outside.