It Is HARD To Credit But New England Market Basket (MA, NH, ME) Does NOT Have A Website!

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by Anura Guruge

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It is very clear about it — it is NOT the official Website


It is easy to get fooled on the Home Page.


After my earlier post on hand sanitizers, or the lack thereof, I thought it would be easy to send the link to Market Basket through their Website.

Well that was not be the case.

When you Google ‘Market Basket‘ the above Website comes up at the top — looking very much like the bona fide site. Not so. IF you go to the ‘Contact’ tab, as I did (looking for an e-mail or a form), I found the disclaimer.

It is interesting that there are other food chains with the same name. There is also a very vicious site which comes up if you Google ‘Demoulas‘.

So I ended up having to call up the Market Basket, on Fort Eddy Road, in Concord, N.H., using the phone number that was on the receipt from our earlier shopping trip. Spoke to the assistant manager. (See update at the bottom.)

He confirmed that ‘Market Basket’ does NOT have a Website. I was amazed. Is it the last holdout when it comes to Websites. Wow.

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