Brandon Bostian, Reckless Engineer Of Philadelphia Amtrak 188 — Does Amtrak Know His Mental Profile?

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by Anura Guruge

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I have a sinking feeling that we have some type of mental issue here — with Brandon Bostian.

There are more people with mental issues in the U.S. than most people even have a clue. I saw these pictures of Brandon Bostian, this morning, while having my coffee in bed, in the U.K. “Daily Mail“, the ONLY newspaper I read (and have been doing so since the 1970s).



Click to access U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

Nice enough looking guy, even dashingly handsome in his later pictures, BUT look at some of the earlier ones.


Simple question. Does Amtrak ever check the mental situation of their engineers?

The statement by Brandon Bostian’s lawyer (above) is VERY telling. No “health issues to speak of”. Good lawyer-speak. Says nothing about MENTAL health.

Says he was not on medication. So on face value it would mean he wasn’t taking any ‘psychiatric’ drugs. BUT again lawyer-speak. Did he STOP taking such drugs? Did that result in suicidal thoughts? Irrational behavior? Did anybody say anything to Amtrak about him acting strange?

Wakeup call for Amtrak. You have to be on top of the mental profile of all your employees.

We used to have the saying “Going Postal”.

Will be have to add “Going Amtrak”?

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