Jeremy ‘Bully’ Clarkson Will NEVER Go Back To Argentina …

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access U.K. “Daily Mail” story from May 19, 2015.

Yes, of course, I appreciate that going through these motions make the Argentines feel as if they are doing something and flexing their muscles. Well let them have that small satisfaction.

But IF they think that Jeremy ‘Bully’ Clarkson is STUPID enough to voluntarily go back to Argentina to face charges they really should stop smoking whatever they are currently smoking. Jeremy Clarkson is boorish, a dolt, a prig, a bully, a racist and many other things, BUT he is not totally looney tunes. He is not going to give up his cushy multi-millionaire lifestyle to please the Argentines. The ONLY way they would get him to come within 300 miles of Argentina is to get an extradition order on him and I do NOT think his crimes, and crimes they were, rise to that.

So the Argentines should stop wasting their time and money. They need to cut bait or fish. Go for an extradition order. If they can’t …

Since Clarkson is NOT known to walk across London bridges he probably does not have to worry about meeting a man with an umbrella. Maybe the pope can put a pox on him.

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