Alton (N.H.) Parks & Rec: Deanna & Others Complain About Lack Of Summer 2015 Programs + Pathetic Web Presence.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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This IS THE Alton (NH) ‘Parks & Rec’ Website. I kid you not. Note that it has very little 2015 schedules — but has a registration from 2013 – 2014. This is pitiful even by Alton standards.


Alton (NH) ‘Parks & Rec’ Facebook page. Last post was 2 weeks ago. I can’t see any mention of the Summer 2015 program. This is a DISGRACE.

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This ‘thread’ is on the “Alton Community” Facebook. Interesting cast of characters commenting.


IF not for the fact that I have a fairly shrewd idea as to how SHE keeps her $60,000/year job I would be confused as to how she manages to get away with what she does. Nice.

I am trying hard not to say anything too disparaging about her because one of her kids is in Teischan’s class. But she has driven me to distraction and beyond when I tried to get our historic and now near derelict railway semaphore signals, at Alton Bay, repaired and painted.

As folks are commenting Alton’s Park & Rec efforts pale into insignificance compared to those offered by New Durham and Wolfeboro. It is a simple fix. Lets get a new Director. This one has been marking time ( …. ) for too long.

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