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Ireland’s 62% FOR Gay Marriage Referendum — What Will Pope Francis Say?

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by Anura Guruge

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This 62% landslide in Catholic-Ireland is an embarrassment and blow to the Pope and the Church.

You have to ask: “What was God thinking?”

Yes, yes, I know all that stuff about Free Will and that God does not micromanage. But when you are talking about an entire Catholic nation it is hardly micromanagement. It is a MACRO event that affects the whole Church. The way I read this — God was in favor.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s statement, shown above, makes it very clear that Pope Francis, despite his infamous ‘who am I to judge‘ statement, is vehemently against gay marriage. Francis, contrary to what he pronounces, is a very-correct conservative, orthodox Jesuit at heart. He may claim not to judge but he is 100% behind the teachings of the Church that homosexuality is a sin! That is the dilemma of — and with — this pope. What he says in public is NOT what he actually believes in. It is a strange kind of papal lip service.

This Irish referendum will be a challenge. He will have to comment on it — this coming week. Lets wait to see what he has to say. God’s Will etc.

Vibrant Google Doodle For 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Final, May 23.

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by Anura Guruge

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Interesting reach. Russia and Australia. I never knew, until now, that Australia was a part of Europe. Fancy that. I will have to remember that. [SMILE]