“Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” — Now Also Available As A Paperback From Amazon (Worldwide).

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by Anura Guruge

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While I appreciate that eBooks are what counts these days, I still do not feel right or complete about a book UNTIL I have it in paperback. It is always a great relief to have the paperback done.

Typically given that the formatting is more involved I normally first do the paperback version and then convert it to Kindle eBook format. With the orgasm book I did it the other way around. First did the Kindle edition and then formatted it for print. Fair amount of work and you also have to do an index — which you don’t need with an eBook since every word is electronically searchable. I made sure that the orgasm Kindle edition was published before we went to Canyon de Chelly. I did NOT want that hanging over my head while we were in Arizona. However, I knew, that I still had the paperback to do. During the 1,300 miles of driving I did in AZ I did some of the formatting in my head! Visualization. I do that with as many things as I can. YOU should try it. The visualization helps me do things quicker because I already have the mental picture of what needs to be done.

I submitted the files to CreateSpace on Memorial Day before we set off on the Mount Major hike. I didn’t tell Deanna or the kids that I had done so. I just wanted THAT off my sholders too. Just told them I had some stuff to finish on the book before we could go. They understand. They know my need to work on my books on a daily basis.

The book was ready, WITHOUT a hitch, this morning. It on Amazon within 30 minutes of me approving the proof! Wow.

Amazon is GOOD to me.

That this book came in at 192 pages — exactly the same as my ‘Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia‘ blew me away.

Never even TRIED to keep the lengths close — though I was HOPING that the ‘Orgasms 101‘ would come in under 200.

The payout of the two books are very different, with the ‘Orgasms 101‘, unlike any of the other four ‘101 books‘, split into 3 Parts — Part A: The Highlights, Part B: The Details & Part C: The References. Plus, as I said earlier, I did the Kindle version first and the page sizes are very different. That they both are 192 pages amused me and actually made my life a TAD easier. Exactly the same cover size!

Anyway, I am happy. After I have my brunch, and watch a few overs of the Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe 2nd T20, I will start working on my NEXT book. This one is not on orgasms. The next orgasm book will have to wait until next year. Back to popes again — to the amusement of Deanna. Well Francis is coming the U.S. and UNLESS I cover it it won’t seem real!

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