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Dr. Assad Meymandi’s Monday “Musings” On St. Dorothea Lynde Dix of Maine.

Dr. Assad Meymandi: Scientist, Philosopher and Philanthropist.

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by Anura Guruge

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Just a snippet from the Musings I kindly received by e-mail on Sunday.



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KIA Sportage 3 Year Lease — We ‘Grounded’ SUV with 27 Days To Spare & 7K Miles Under.

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by Anura Guruge

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This, the last weekend of May, has been quite the weekend for us — by design. June, with June 27 Deanna’s birthday, tends to be a ‘landmark’ month for us. As it happened, couple of key things were coming to their expiration in June 2015.

One was the detested DirecTV two-year contract that was coming to an end on June 21, 2015. The other was the 3-year, 36,000 mile KIA Sportage lease which we signed for on Deanna’s birthday 3 years ago and as such was terminating on June 27, 2015.

With BOTH DirecTV and KIA I wanted to terminate AHEAD of the expiration, albeit for different reasons. I just detested DirecTV and wanted OUT as soon as possible. And that I managed after 4 phone calls and one chat session.

Leased vehicles in New Hampshire have arbitrary registration ‘months’ independent of the birthday of the leasee — whereas with vehicles you purchase the registration month is keyed to the owner’s birthday. The KIA Lease registration month — which also ties into the State inspection month — is May. So the KIA registration/inspection were both expiring today, May 31.

I was in no mood to register the KIA for 3 weeks and go through an inspection. Just was not worth it. Was easier and cheaper just to return it 3 weeks early. The KIA lease terms permit this. you can return a lease 28 days ahead of expiration. So that is what I did.

All worked out.

Returning the KIA, to Autoserv Belmont, was a pleasure and joy.

The Sales manager at KIA Autoserv Belmont, Tim Paradis, is ‘A-OK’!

IF I had met him before I might have leased another KIA. He was good. Very personable, likeable … HONEST guy. Trust me. I, in my old age, an impeccable judge of character. Tim Paradis was good. We liked him (even before we discovered that he likes Jaguars and has owned some). IF you want a car go see Tim at Autoserv Belmont.

I have nothing against KIA (or for that matter Hyundai) vehicles. Mechanically and functionally they are ultra-reliable and rugged. Never had a single problem with the KIA — but we also only drove it for 28,500 miles. Very reliable and dependable. All of my issues are with the people and the Company. Tim Paradis was a pleasant exception. I guess KIA folks are under huge pressure to perform and as such end up acting weird — and that is being polite.

As I suspected would happen (I knowing how leasing works) Autoserv promptly BOUGHT the car from KIA Lease when we returned it. That was a given with the low milage. To be fair they got a bargain. Even I toyed with the idea of buying from KIA and then trying to sell. But, with my luck I would have lost money.

So that is the end of the KIA. Doubt whether KIA will figure in our lives anytime soon. But ANOTHER Jag might!.

DirecTV — I Cancelled Account, 3 Weeks Ahead Of 2-Years, BUT I Paid For Last Month.

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by Anura Guruge

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I hated DirecTV, with a vengeance, from the very first day I had it installed on June 21, 2013. Just check the above posts. It was a litany of never ending lies, scams and deception. I had to contact the BBB to help them sought out the initial order FRAUD and it was settled in my favor.

I vowed on these pages that I will get rid of DirecTV the very first day that I could — without giving them the satisfaction of charging me a cancellation penalty. I even set up this (— >>>) countdown clock.

Well DirecTV charges a month ahead, and given their unscrupulousness actually charges you one day AHEAD each month. So I had DirecTV installed on a 21st BUT they insist on charging my credit card on the 20th of each month. C’est la vie. The least of their many sins.

So on May 20, 2015, I paid for May 21 to June 20, 2015. That was the end of my contract. I called on May 21 to cancel. They said it was too early.

I called again on Friday, May 29, 2015. I called them twice and also talked with them on chat — and I have the transcript. Eventually they said that my account was closed.

It wasn’t. On Saturday, May 30, I still had service.

I called again. They said I was cancelled BUT they were keeping my service on …

So, that was 3 phone calls and one chat … and I still had service.

Around 3:30pm, Saturday, a very greasy sounding clown from DirecTV calls me up — on my cell — and starts with this “So, how can we rectify this mistake …” spiel. I blew my top. Though I give the impression of losing my temper and getting angry in reality I ONLY allow myself, AT MOST, 2 actual temper tantrums a year. [It has all to do with mind control.] But the two temper tantrums I permit myself, a year, are DOOZIES. I go to town. I go up one side of a person and down the other. As some of you know I do not swear. I don’t even use the ‘s’ word — which I detest. Yes, I frequently use damn, bloody and occasionally ‘bugger’ but we Brits do NOT consider those swear words — and “bugger” in Ceylon/Sri Lanka is a term of endearment. But I have a extremely potent vocabulary of swear words and can swear very effectively. I let that idiot from DirecTV have it with both barrels. I enjoyed it. Within seconds he was WHIMPERING: “OK. OK. I will cancel your account. You can stop now.” It was fun. The service is now disconnected.

I feel such a sense of relief. I really hated DirecTV and as with my temper I make sure that I do not hate many things — at any given time since that is a waste of time and energy. So as with the 2 tantrums a year I try to limit the things I hate at any given time to 2. That works. So for the last 2 years I have only hated two things: DirecTV and …. Now I am down to one. It gets better. I never really hated KIA, just disliked them, but in a couple of hours I am getting rid of our KIA Sportage too — 28 days ahead of its lease-end. But as with DirecTV I have paid up and can now return it. More on that once I actually