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I Will Have To Admit That Dannon’s ‘Activia’ Yogurt Works — And Could Even Help YOU Lose Weight!

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by Anura Guruge

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Activia-Coupons1I will readily admit that I was skeptical of Activia’s 2 week challenge.

I have eaten yogurt EVERY DAY, with nary an exception, since 1997. That is 18 years of eating yogurt daily — and I am not kidding about the daily. In a given year there might be, at most 5 – 6 days, when I do not eat yogurt — and that is probably because I am traveling and don’t have ready access to yogurt.

I have to thank, profusely, Dr. Joseph Misiewicz, of Meredith, New Hampshire — who is still practicing out of the same office — for introducing me to the yogurt habit.

Prior to his kindly advice that it would behoove me to eat some yogurt a day, I had NEVER even tasted yogurt — and I was 44 years old!

It all had to do with the ‘yogurt’, ‘curd‘ as it is called, in Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Though my adoptive father ate it with relish I could NOT stand it. And I associated yogurt with curd. So I had never, ever eaten yogurt prior to Dr. Misiewicz. He was a good doctor and I took what he said seriously. The problem was getting a taste for it. Luckily my then partner was very resourceful. She knew me quite well and realized that there was a way to get me into yogurt. She went and found the THICKEST custard yogurts that she could find, knowing (that in those days) I could not resist custards.

After a few months of eating the custard variety I was into yogurt. Soon stopped that. Deanna has had me on no fat/low fat Greek yogurt, with or without added sliced fruit — and the MANDATORY heaping of ground flaxseed (and that thanks to my excellent cardiologist Dr. Stephen Hanlon). I never saw a need for the ‘expensive’ Activia. As far as I saw I was eating my share of yogurt a day.

activiaThen came the Arizona trip. Given my desire to eat yogurt daily we stopped at a store to buy yogurt, cheese, fruit etc. They didn’t have variety in yogurts — mainly lots of Activa, all the packaging promoting the 2 week Activia challenge. So I told Deanna that I will do the challenge — and I was SURE that I would be able to ask for my money back because I could NOT see how Activa would make a difference. So the way I saw it I would have FREE yogurt for 2 weeks. We bought a ‘ton’ and kept the receipts.

I live Activa. I eat mainly the lime, coconut/vanilla and blackberry. The kids got a liking for it too. Within the week, once we got home, we were buying A TON — and I mean 4, 5, 6 packs of Activa.

Activa does seem to WORK. I am amazed. I would NOT dream of asking for my money back, because that would be dishonest. I don’t know why, but Activa does appear to work. Moreover, since I have been eating Activa, for a month or so now, I have lost even more weight! Not much. Maybe 2 pounds, BUT it all counts.

So, I am SOLD. If you open our fridge these days you will be confronted with a WALL of Activa. Yes, it is not ‘cheap’ BUT it is well worth the money.

So we are voting for Activia.

This “Global Warming” In New Hampshire, With 43F In June, Is Really Getting Very Old, Very Fast.

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by Anura Guruge


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How anybody who lives in New Hampshire, and is not a total couch potato who never ventures out, can still believe in Global ‘bloody’ Warming defeats me.

It has been BLOODY cold in New Hampshire for the last 2 days — and those that know me, and know that I will still go running in 5°F weather, will know that IF I complain of it being cold, it is pretty serious.

This, my friend, is NOT right and there is no damn, frigging Global Warming in sight — at least not in frigid New Hampshire. I would LOVE some Global bloody Warming. I need to renew and top up my tan. Relying just on tanning creams becomes and expensive and messy hobby.

Yes, of course, we have seen Climate Change BUT that is because the DISTANCE of the Earth’s orbit, from the Sun, has changed! You did NOT know that did you? Most people don’t. Why, the Earth is getting lighter despite the increase in obese folks, worldwide. Yes, I need to write about this in detail — but I don’t have the time. It is the Earth’s weight, of MASS if you want to be pedantic and scientific, that is changing. Greenhouse Effect is NOTHING. It is the distance from the Sun that counts. Remember I do know my astronomy

Check these out. It is June 2nd and I am forced to wear sweats — though sweating is the last thing that is happening around here.

From ‘Weather Underground‘ — a very good source for local weather data. Click to ENLARGE, check out and be amazed.


“Orgasms 101” Blog To Go With The “Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” Book.

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by Anura Guruge

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That there would be a blog to go with the “Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” book was a given. Deanna asked me about it as soon as she heard about the book, and I didn’t tell her about the book until I had written it. She went: “So where is the blog?”

Actually this is the 2nd blog!

I worked diligently, doing a minimum of 2 posts a day, for 30 days, during the month it took to have the book proofed. I ended up with 67 posts and over 2,500 hits. But, I did NOT, in the end, like that blog. Why? It was NOT a WordPress blog. I had, foolishly, thought that I should give another ‘platform’ a try. Wrong and bad move. Made me realize how much I love WordPress and how dependent I am on WordPress. So, rather uncharacteristically, I decided to let that blog atrophy and start a NEW WordPress blog. I started on orgasms101.net on May 4, 2015 — but I couldn’t devote much time to it because I was working on the paperback edition of the book and had some interruptions, such as when we went to Philadelphia to pickup the Jaguar XJ8.

Well, I am giving it as much time as I can. I have started work on my next book, about Pope Francis’ historic September 2015 visit to the U.S.

So I have to carefully divide up my time between this blog, the pope book and the orgasms blog.

Yes, it is rather cool, to be able to transition, within minutes from working on a pope book to blogging about orgasms. SMILE. Yes, I am blessed.

Once I really get going I plan to blog on orgasms daily.

It will be, I hope, a fun, informative, educational and entertaining blog that will cover anything and all things to do with human orgasms.

Please bookmark this ‘orgsms 101’ blog and visit it, at least ONCE, daily.
Trust me it will be good for YOU.

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Calling ALL Kindle Authors & Amazon Shareholders — Amazon Selling US SHORT!

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by Anura Guruge

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It happened again!

Somebody sent me an e-mail saying they can’t read (download)
a Kindle eBook BECAUSE they don’t have a DAMN Kindle.

and I repeat AGAIN,
need a damn blasted Kindle
to read Kindle eBooks.

You can read Kindle eBooks just about with anything
as long as you have a working Web Browser.

Kindle Cloud (Bloody) Reader.

That is all you need.


Amazon is doing us Kindle authors and Amazon shareholders (and yes, I am a shareholder) an IMMENSE disservice BY not publicizing that Kindle eBooks are NO dependent on Kindle devices.

Yes, we all know that Amazon would like to sell more Kindle devices.

Well I would like to sell some more books.

Kindle devices are not going anywhere. Amazon will do us ALL a huge favor if they scrap the damn Kindle devices and just keep the books.

Amazon has a HUGE advertising budget. They should use it to PROMOTE the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Simple. I might actually attend the next AGM to stand up and say this.


GREAT ad. by ebookfriendly.com. This is what we need promoted.