21-Year Old ‘Lexie’, From Missouri, Embarks On The “30 Day Writing Challenge”.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access her blog and ‘Day 3’ post.

Somebody else that I encountered on the Web because she ‘commented’ on one of my posts — albeit not on this blog.

I have heard of the “30 Day Writing Challenge” and it looks like a very worthwhile endeavor (though I am way too far gone for it). I read bits of her Day 2 and Day 3. Very good stuff. I wish I could write like that at 21. Always a joy to too new authors at work.

Maybe I, at 62, still can’t write as ‘good’ as she does at 21. Maybe that is my problem. Past caring now. I have fun and that is all that matters given that I have, and will always be, at my very core an hedonist (though to be honest, since the kids, I have always put them first).

 Check it. Tomorrow is my “Self-Publishing” presentation at the Alton Library where, with Luck, I will help Brandy DiFauda publish her first book, as a Kindle eBook, LIVE.

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